Name Lukina Aleksasha Petrora Bloodtree
Species: Half-Elf
Gender: Female
Clan: House Arleigh; Agranorn
Age: 22
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Organization: Solarity of Kowloon; ​​Azalea
Rank: Herald of the Chancellory;​ Knight
Occupation: Scout Sniper, Knight
Art by Juliana Wilhelm

Lukina Aleksasha is a player character played by Kim. She first appeared in KoK:​ The Flower and the Eclipse. ​

Lukina is a former Wangdaio Shouwei Lieutenant,​ Interstellar Alliance Marine Captain,​ and mercenary scout sniper. She is a Knight of Kowloon assisting the Azalea Free Company in regaining control of the Lorani Province of Piyapon. Her knightly charter with the mysterious Elven Black Knight, Lord Isil Ithil of the Lán sè Province, rival of the late “​Lady”​ of Lorani but she is in reality the personal retainer of Bhelith Arleigh,​ and was named the “​Herald of the Chancellory”​, also functioning as Lady Arleigh'​s squire/​hand-maiden.

Height: 5'​5“​
Weight: 95lbs
Bra: 32C
Hair: Red, layered bangs that frame her face, shoulder length when not pulled back into braids.
Eyes: Green Eyes

At first glance, Lukina is a slender young woman just barely out of her teenage years. Her large green eyes and red hair worn in messy braids with layered bangs coupled with her Elven heritage giving her a youthful appearance. Her ears are slightly elongated into broad tips, merely hinting at her mixed Human and Elf ancestry. ​

Reserved, judgmental, secretive, Lukina tends to keep to herself, preferring to relax up in a tree when she has a choice in the matter. She's a woman of relatively few words when she's working a mission but will lighten up when there'​s time for her to get a good impression of the situation. She doesn'​t talk about her family or history much, preferring to keep the conversation on more current affairs or Alliance popular culture. ​

Recovery and Restoration
Creature then stood up, Looking to REIA and Lukina. “So what? Making me a real Knight…go Find Ayana?​ F—, I am not even worthy of it. That f— s— book talks about everything a Knight is, and I isn'​t.”​

“​Actually holding the title gives you more power than you think. The book is a kid's story. Being a knight is being a soldier that leads others. You are a soldier. All the noble ideals in the world can't be preserved without someone dying. There are people that need to be protected from those evil motherf—— running around. You can't walk from this fight. Not after you went for him directly. He will pursue and tear everything down, you made this personal.”​ The half-elf twirled the claymore in her hand in the way Creature had showed her with his specific stances. “You don't get to drink tea or save kittens. You kill people to keep other people safe.”

Idealistic and committed to the cause of protecting the people of Kowloon as a Knight pledged to her Lord the Elven Black Knight, Isil Ithil. Lord Creature du Rochon credits her as the reason why he keeps fighting for the people of the Lorani province despite wanting to walk away from it.

The Song of a Mother for her Daughter
“No, she isn't a good soldier. She's the best soldier I've ever f—— seen. And I've been around. As for f—— inspiring her. I think that ship has crashed and burned. Well I don't mean to be a f—— d—, but well. I had a moment when I was about to give up. Watched another friend get hurt by the war we are fighting. So I told the truth and started packing. Your kid came in and and did some f—— inspiring of her own.”

“Truth is, a lot of people got saved the day you showed up. Because of her. Not me. Not you. I got f—— drunk like I always do and found em. She came looking for me, and everybody else followed.”​ - Lord Creature du Rochon

She is unaware for the effect that she has on people when she shares her personal philosophies which has led to some serious misunderstandings and a couple of love confessions that she was in no way prepared to deal with.

Waterfall of Dejection
A smile crossed the Marshal'​s face, “I don't plan to, though all everyone needs is a little bit of faith in each other.”​ His fingers gently coiled around hers to the point where he was effectively holding her hand. “I may walk a lonesome road now, but all lonesome roads end somewhere.”​

“Where does yours end?” Lukina asked again, returning the smile. She seemed more at ease with his hand around hers. She leaned slightly against him.

“I don't know, where does it?” Dallas gave her a grin as his hints of pain began to fade, though the worry remained within the clouds of calm.

“That’s your decision to make,” she replied. “There are all sorts of possibilities on Asura. It’s why we came here. Everyone is looking for a new beginning, new paths to take. They just have to pick one.”

Dallas moved the elf's hand and his to gently brush her cheek, his eyes attempting to carry on where his words were silent. Maybe it was the end of his lonesome road, something told him that. Something told him that she cared. His voice was soft and low pitched, “Maybe that new path starts here.”

Lukina’s eyes widened. She started to say something but the words died on her lips. Her lips pursed together as she struggled to regain her train of thought.

Mother: Aleksasha Whitemeadow (Beriadanwen Agranorn)
Father: Makarios Petrora (deceased)
Grandfather:​ Theodas Agranorn (deceased)
Step-Father:​ Aniseth Whitemeadow
Adopted Family: Uial Lug Free Company
Adopted Family: Azalea Free Company
Patron: Bhelith Arleigh
Philia: Lord Creature du Rochon
Best Friend: Gol Shir-del
Ludus: Wolf Green
Friend: Dallas McClosky

Lukina was born in 2996 GSC in the city of Red Grove,​ Liang (Tai Pan) as her bounty hunter mother was passing through. ​ Having no need for a baby on missions, Aleksasha Whitemeadow left her child in the care of her irritated father, Theodas Agranorn, to be trained to be useful when she was old enough. She grew up climbing and playing in trees and was taught how to scout and use trees for a higher vantage point. When her mother returned for Lukina, she was ready for combat in a wooded environment but instead, got thrown into an urban wilderness that she had to quickly adapt to or die.

By 3009 GSC, Lukina was doing odd missions in the Wangdaio Colonies coordinating with the Wangdaio Piracy Squadrons on protection missions by blatantly lying about her age. It was with the Piracy Taskforces that she learned how to effectively use a shadow suit for extended combat missions that required stealth. The Black out and the fall left the Wangdaio Colonies in a state of chaos with marshal law and civil war erupting between stranded Shǒuwèi and the Hēisè and the decimation of the Wangdaio fleets by the Xenos. ​

From 3014-3017, She was shuffled around Alliance territory as one of the military and fulfilling what she felt was repayment for being evacuated from Topia by the The Interstellar Alliance.

By the end of 3017 GSC, requested termination from the The Interstellar Alliance and made her way to Piyapon to use her expanded skill set on the new planet to keep herself in ammunition and food. On Piyapon, she encountered a retiring Michael Voss who pointed her in the direction of Bhelith Arliegh to inquire about work. She was knighted by the Mikado and named “​Herald of the Chancellory”​. ​

In 3017, she was sent by her Lord to investigate what was happening in the Lorani province. She observed the Azalea Company for quite some time and asked around about the knight, Ser Creature before she encountered him at the Cat House operated by Miksa at the edge of Lorani Province. Her interactions with an inebriated Creature were concerning but she convinced Creature to allow her to join their company, concealing her status as a chartered Knight to another Lord. Her first major combat action with the Azalea Free Company and the Black King's rebellion was the ​Battle of Kolatheri,​ where she acted as over watch.

The Flower and the Eclipse
The shot to the ATV thundered out of Lukina'​s rifle, and the recoil surged through her body. But she'd see three of the ATV riders fly off of their vehicles and tumble into the brush. The vehicle bouncing around and tumbling away into pieces, as the air-burst grenade shook the combat zone. She however, was not being shot at, the shroud suit doing its intended job. But that shot had done something to the tree branch she was standing on. The tree, was half dead on a closer more detailed inspection. It began to pop, then it cracked the massive log toppling to the forest floor below her feet.

The half-elf sniper inwardly cursed as she re-slung her rifle and made the leap to the next tree, grabbing the branch with the deployment of a wrist fired hook and line. She used the line to keep her dumb ass from falling and quickly climbed to the top of the branch, checking its soundness like her grandpa had taught her. She had to be quick and move to a different tree to start her over watch again.

Her involvement with the Azalea Free Company deepened as she coached Creature on how to be a knight, passing on her knowledge of the Elven customs that had been imparted to the knight order of Kowloon and keeping him motivated to continue fighting for the people of the Lorani province despite the devastating results of the war on him and those that follow him. She revealed her status as a chartered knight and agreed to stay with Azalea company until the end of the border war since her ultimate goal is to protect the people of Kowloon by any means necessary. ​

The Battle of Kirikuu Ranch changed many things for Lukina, her involvement with the Azalea company became more convoluted as she wrote Creature'​s Lordship charter and she was named by Creature, to be the Azalea Free Company'​s new Knight Commander as he became their Knight General and Lord. More confusing was the involvement of an embedded ​order of the knight marshal,​ Dallas McClosky,​ in the affairs of Azalea and with Lukina. ​

After the Battle of 100 (Kirikuu Ranch), she went after Creature who ran off in search of a suspected weapons'​ cache in the wrong direction. ​ Dallas joined her and they found Creature'​s trail being followed by a large, lupine creature that they temporarily scared off and re-encountered into the wrecked hulk of a Xeno ship buried into the earth. The wolf creature (Wolf Green) had changed to a more humanoid shape but was unable to understand Trade or Japanese and just followed them into the ship in their search for Creature.

Graves of Some else's Nightmares
Lukina'​s eyes narrowed. The presence of the Black Army made this complicated. Far more complicated especially since they weren'​t properly equipped to deal with this many. She crouched down low and motioned for Dallas and the Wolf to do the same. Her shroud-suit only had the bare minimum of protection to keep her insides intact against regular small arms fire.. she relied on her element of surprise to keep her safe and this was not a good place. It was only a matter of time. She looked for cover that they could maneuver to and stay out of sight as a group. She pulled on the hood of her shroudsuit to make herself blend into what shadows there were. “We are potentially screwed. Those rifles are nasty” she whispered to Dallas. “I can pull their attention so you can get to the next room.”

Dallas looked to the elf and nodded, taking what he at least thought was her arm before whispering, “​Don'​t get yourself killed, I have enough on my heart already.”​ He then crouched down into the shadows and began to look for a way to sneak across the room quietly and as fast as possible.

“​Heartbreak comes with the job, Marshall,”​ Lukina whispered, shimmering out of existence and easing away from the ​Wolf Green and the Marshall. The Wolf could still catch her scent and hear the whirs of the servos in her leg with his superior primal senses.

After much thought, Lukina journeyed to a distant planet with ​Jack Pine in order to replace her cybernetic leg with one that was custom made for her. Her conversations about the conditions and state of Lorani province drew Jack's concern and a desire for Section 6 to become more involved with foreign politics. It was after she left Piyapon that things went south for Azalea Company, Creature was arrested forced into illegal gladiatorial games and a major showdown with the Black King happened. She acted as a representative of Kowloon and brought Jack to speak to Bhelith where a merchant charter was agreed upon.

Lukina returned to Lorani province in time to participate in the final major infantry and cavalry clash between the Black King's army and Azalea company. She arrived too late to reclaim control of Azalea forces after the infantry companies broke formation but with Sidurra Gallve leading her cavalry forces, alongside ​Wolf Green and Bobby Gunson, they were able to enable the infantry'​s retreat by cleaning up the enemy cavalry forces. She was unable to enjoy their success in the cavalry action when she got the call from Creature that Lord Isil had been injured in a follow on duel with the Black King and enemy sniper fire.

In the wake of the Black Army's withdrawal from the Lorani province, Azalea company was able to retake control of Lucarin City and assume control of Lorani Province. With finally some time to recover and talk, Lukina sought out Creature and confirmed her feelings for him before investigating what happened in Lorani province while she was gone to 605. After gathering all the information and footage of Valeriane'​s duel with the Black King, she found Dallas McClosky in the medical tent recovering from the injuries he sustained in that duel. She cornered him and made him see what he forced Creature to experience at the hands of sadistic and corrupt Marshalls in jail and witness Valeriane'​s death. She met the new Marshall,​Gol Shir-del and in mourning for her fallen comrades, they went on a 2 day bender, dragging Dallas along with them to protect him from bounty hunters and the vengeful Azalea company members. ​

Over the course of the 2 day bender, Gol Shir-del and Lukina become fast friends despite their opposing world views and perceived roles in society. They were able to get Dallas to confront his own grief and admit his poor judgement in arresting Creature with him vowing to make it right somehow.

Called to her Lord's side after the duel, she was charged with assisting another retainer, Bresal, to find the identity of who was providing the Black King's army with weapons, armor and manpower that exceeded the capability of what was available locally to what was a local insurgency. She also took on the task to hunt down the sniper that had wounded her Lord.

Unfortunately for Lukina, the sniper found her first and engaged with her on a more intimate level after cornering her. The cyborg sniper, Glasseye, revealed himself to be a serial killer that stole the “​minds”​ of people he found interesting and fed them into his “​machine”​ so he could keep them as part of his collection. ​ He made Lukina aware of his intention to collect her and murder Creature and Dallas to keep them from stopping him. Luckily, the brawl between a Glasseye controlled Creature and Dallas enabled Lukina to free herself from Glasseye'​s hijacking of her mind and regain control over her own physical body long enough to put the sniper down.

The main order of business was locating more information about the Black King and who was supplying the Black Army with training, weapons and personnel. Lukina was pulled into a team to go find discover that information… So shit went down. Lots of blood, bullets and drama, and she found herself emotionally, physically involved with Creature, Dallas and Wolf.

Some time during all of this, Aleksasha grants Lukina permission to claim the mantle as the last Bloodtree as she takes the name of her new husband, Whitemeadow.

Atraxians at the gates, an ancient tome with the promise of revitalizing a lost kingdom's power to forge weapons to fight an unstoppable threat. The Azalea Company takes a team to the lost planet to awaken the old forges and find themselves in an ambush. They suffer several causalities but they manage to pull Dallas back from death with the life energy from Ember, Arianne and Creature and restore his life through the assistance of Gartagen Goddess Galva with the promise of Lukina's soul.

RP Post Timeline

  1. Prologue: Knight of the Twilight - Where the half-elf becomes a Knight of Kowloon
  2. Catching a Kodama- Where Lukina meets Creature and joins the Azalea Free Company
  3. The flower and the eclipse- The treebomber'​s first combat with the company
  4. The Rescue of Kolatheri - Where the company ambushes the Black King's army to recover Valeriane and Esaria.
  5. Recovery and Restoration- Post Rescue where the truth about Creature is revealed and the lie becomes truth.
  6. Phantoms in the Fog - Lukina'​s Lord advises her retainer and issues a strange order.
  7. Waterfall - Lukina has to make a moral decision.
  8. On trees and Elves - Elf bonding. Everything Esaria touches explodes.
  9. The Battle of Kirikuu Ranch - The Azalea Company suffers devastating losses in victory, Lukina is crippled.
  10. The Lost and Damned of Azalea - The company is rushed to camp to be stabilized. Creature reveals a secret, and becomes a Lord.
  11. The Sun's counsel - Lord Isil and Creature talk next actions
  12. Of trees and Shadows- Part 1: After Sun's counsel and Part 2: 1 day before Creature'​s arrest, morning that Lukina leaves for 188-604
  13. Graves of Somebody Else's Nightmares - 2 Days after the Battle of Kirikuu Ranch, Dallas and Lukina go after Creature who finds a wrecked Xeno ship and Black Army patrols
  14. Waterfall of dejection - Part 1, evening of the Graves of somebody else's nightmare. Where Lukina and Dallas misunderstand one another and Dallas is rebuffed. Part 2, 3 days later, 1 day after Lukina leaves for 188-604.
  15. Esaria'​s Sword trick - Halloween Event, day after the Grave'​s of Somebody else's nightmare .
  16. Avenger Rising- The company reacts to Creature'​s arrest, Lukina phones in.
  17. Prison Creature - Lukina remotely accesses Creature in Prison.
  18. Rhythm of the Wardrums - Lukina joins the Calvary Charge
  19. Of Wolf and Elf - Lukina and Wolf Green have a friendly hunting competition
  20. Guiding Light - Creature and Lukina talk about their relationship
  21. After Shocks - Aftermath of Dallas'​ decision to arrest Creature
  22. Rumble of Ebon Warriors - Bhelith addresses her retainers after dueling the Black King
  23. Under Glass - The sniper from the The Battle of 100 catches up to Lukina
  24. Kizuna - Gol Shir-del and Lukina catch up after the incidents of Under Glass.
  25. Jigsaw Creature - Creature, Lukina and Bob seeking out answers to who is fueling the unrest in Lorani Province
  26. Rise, Gallve of Kowloon - Creature knights Sidurra Gallve,​ Lukina does the paperwork. ​
  27. The Creature and the Sun - Improvised assassination operation on the Black King with Creature, Lukina, Thaddeaus Maximus and ​Wolf Green.
  28. Out of the Grave - 27 hours after the events of the Creature of the Sun
  29. Your own personal Creature - Lukina and Creature discuss their relationship.
  30. Girl Talk - Gol visits Lukina in the hospital and the two talk relationships and prophesies. ​
  31. Ceangal - Wolf Green and Lukina explore possibilities and form a new connection.
  32. Puzzles in Puzzles - Lukina meets with Bresal in secret and learns more about the game she is a pawn in.
  33. Honoring the Dead - Lukina, Gol and Creature go off to enact an Verfa ritual to honor the dead.
  34. Prisms - Wolf remembers more about his past. Lukina suggests a normal hobby.
  35. The Woman with the Flytraps - Lukina talks to Jenn.
  36. Green Dawn - Start of KoK Chapter 2.

Lukina has the following notable skills:

  • Tree Climbing/​Jumping:​ Her odd upbringing has given Lukina the necessarily upper body strength and conditioning to climb most surfaces with and without equipment. ​ Her favored climbing surface is trees but can climb most surfaces with the appropriate free climbing equipment, i.e. a glass building. She is also able to leap across large gaps and keep her balance, longer distances requiring the use of equipment to safely clear.
  • Scouting: Skilled at tracking, hunting, making improvised weapons, surviving from the land and using terrain to navigate the land with and without the use of maps. Also skilled at making maps.
  • Sniping: Skilled at minimizing her visual impact when conducting over watch or shooting from a high vantage point. Good at timing her shots and calculating appropriate trajectories for rate of fire from a myriad of standard and alternative firing positions. ​
  • Law: Lukina is intimately familiar with all the laws of Kowloon and all the laws covering the governance of the Kowloon Free Companies. ​

Lukina has the following:


  • fancy green dress
  • pleated skirts
  • camisoles
  • thigh highs
  • slacks
  • boots
  • heels
  • Shouwei Uniform
  • Alliance Marine Corps Uniform
  • Leather armor


  • Shroud stealth Unit
  • Shadowmail Armor
  • Wrist launched grappling hooks and line
  • Leather gauntlet with a golden wyvern embossed on it, customized communicator
  • Issuance Satchel for Lord Du Rochon of the Lan se Province
  • Symbol of the Mikado, Bhelith Arleigh


  • ​42mm_airburst_grenade
  • 12.5x50mm Electromagnetic Ammunition
  • ​showstopper_heavy_assault_rifle ​
  • bulpup conversion kit
  • Stabilization ring system
  • Powerful scope
  • Extended barrel. ​
  • Under-barrel ​42mm_airburst_grenade_launcher
  • Infantry sniper rifle
  • Retractable,​ Glitzerndes Zweihander
  • Gartagen ​assault shotgun
  • Gartagen SMG
  • Gartagen heavy machine gun
  • Edjia combat rifle
  • 2 X ​gp-1c1
  • mancannon


  • Direct neural/​ocular Interface with her gauntlet for recording and wireless transmissions,​ will only work with her gauntlet or a Uial Lug Free Company configured communications gauntlet. ​
  • Ghost chip

Lukina in Wangdaio Shouwei Forces Uniform by Nicoy Gueverra paid by Fox
Lukina in Shadowmail with a sniper configuration Showstopper by Farisato paid by Kim.
Lukina and Wolf Green by Tshuki paid by ​Kim

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