Natsumi Yamashiro

Natsumi Yamashiro is a human from the Yamato system. She is a character controlled by Gunsight1.

Natsumi Yamashiro
Rank: Commander
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: 2987
Age: 32
Affiliation: Interstellar Alliance
Occupation: Commanding Officer
Current Placement: Port Endeavor
Artwork by Farisato
  • Height: 5' 4” (cm)
  • Weight: 116lbs (kg)
  • Appearance: Natsumi has an attractive curvy form, favoring a softer more feminine build rather than toned muscle. Her skin is creamy and soft with a hint of pink and she has no marks or blemishes on her skin. Her eyes are bright red with flecks of gold that reflect in the light. Her eyes are large and bright, accented by large lashes. Her face is mix of Asian and European influences. While her features are defined, they are softer and less pronounced than someone of European or Nordic decent. Her eyebrows are well trimmed, slightly thick. Her hair is pure snow white, long, thick and fluffy, flowing to her lower back. Cut angled to frame her face, thick bangs hang over her eyes and gathered allowing her to peer out from them.

* Personality: Natsumi is an easy going and fun loving person. She enjoys a good party, but knows when it's time to get down to business. She is quite easy to get along with, believing its better to make friends than have enemies, but has been known to have a temper. She is determined to do well as a member of the military and strives for perfection in her work and impresses that upon her peers, encouraging others to put forth the extra effort needed to be just a bit better than they are, though not usually in a fashion that one would consider rude or untactful.

Natsumi has a love for music and art. She is terrible at playing music, though attempts to none the less, much to the frustration to anyone she may have to share a cabin with. She has also developed a keen interest in naval combat and military history and spends much of her free time looking up historical reference. She already has what she considers an addiction to chocolate and coffee and especially a combination of the two in ice cream form. She absolutely detests spiders and most other insects and is quite pleased to stay in environments where they do not crawl around. Also, Natsumi dislikes those who are cruel or abuse their power.

  • Hikaru Yamashiro, Father
  • Sasha Yamashiro, Mother
  • Sakura Yamashiro, sister

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