Arianne Azalea

Arianne Azalea is an NPC controlled by GM Kim who appears in Knights of Kowloon. She appeared in Whispering Sakura and in Green Dawn.

Arianne Azalea
Art by Ishmail Suryono colors by Kim
Species & Gender Ember
Age 4/2/3000 GSC
Organization: Azalea Free Company
Occupation: Heavy Infantry Team Medic
Rank: Footman
Current Placement: Lorani Province, Piyapon

  • Height: 5' 5“ (165 cm)
  • Weight: 114 lbs (51.7 kg)
  • Hair: Dark red, short
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Measurements: 34DD-24-34
  • Voice: Saori Hayami

Personality: Sweet and loving. She doesn't talk much about the things that happened to her in the less than loving care of the Black Army but she is extremely quiet. It took her some time to not be jumpy around the men in camp but she's been adjusting to her role as a direct support medic.

Originally born on Pitrsnu in 3000 GSC to a family of farmers. As an Ember, she learned early on that she could not touch those she cared about without an insulation barrier no rcould she labor in the heat. Her family managed to locate a Ljóma Suit which allowed her to contribute to the family business.

Her family later relocated to the Wangdaio Colonies in 3008 GSC where she remained until she decided to strike out on her own in 3010 GSC to Interstellar Alliance controlled space, tired of the farm life. Her wandering brought her back to Kowloon System in 3017 GSC on Piyapon looking for work and ended up apprenticing for a midwife and helped tend to various farm animals in Lorani province.

In 3017, the Black Army devastated the countryside, ravaging and pillaging and kidnapping people from the villages they came across. Her talents as an Ember and her comely appearance earned a high price and she was held captive by the Black Army for an undetermined amount of time. She was freed from captivity by the Azalea Free Company. Wanting to contribute to the efforts to take down the Black Army and to save others similarly traumatized by them, she offered her talents as a medic to Azalea. While with Azalea she was trained how to use the Tianshi Hardsuit and was utilized as a Heavy Infantry Team Medic. Over time, and with therapy she has been reconditioned to not be afraid of men but her experiences with the Black Army still haunt her.

This NPC was created by Kim on 2017/12/18 21:19.
Arianne picture by Kim on a Moe base by Nukababe in dress designed by Zylenxia and Mamon.

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