Cixi Zhangsun

Empress Cixi Zhangsun
Art by Juliana Wilhelm
Species: Dragon Form
Gender: Female
Year of Birth: Undisclosed/Before 2984 GSC
Nation: Empire of Tai Pan
Organization: Tai Pan Royal Family
Rank: Empress of Tai Pan
Occupation: Interstellar Nobility
Art by Yonrei

Cixi Zhangsun is the current Empress of Tai Pan, and wife of The Immortal Emperor, Cixi Kuan Leong. Her xenophobia has been public knowledge since the Empire of Tai Pan was beset from attacks from the inferior barbaric elves and the primitive humans after attempts had been made for peaceful co-existence. Her disdain for the 3rd class citizens of her nation is no secret as she enacts policies to rid Tai Pan of these undesirables. She is the true power of the throne and pulls the strings of the empire while her husband is morose with grief at the loss of his love, Chiharu Natsumi.

  • Dark brown hair
  • Fair skin
  • Red scales on flanks, back and tail
  • Brown eyes
  • Gold Horns
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