Molly “Ember” Connelly was an Admiral in the Wangdaio Colonies Peacekeeping forces that led rescue efforts on the colony planets in conjunction with The Interstellar Alliance Forces. She was eventually forced to return to the Empire of Tai Pan as part of the fleet assigned to monitor the Solarity of Kowloon in order to protect the Colony refugees that were isolated to an aging space station in the orbit of Piyapon. She is well respected by even the criminal elements that inhabit the Shīzi Station and is regarded as a central figure of stability by the Wangdiao refugees in the absence of their prime minister, Ayana Morita. Most Tai Pan forces regard her as a traitor and an outsider but no one else is willing to be stationed with a decaying station full of crime and rife with poverty.

Ember is a setting NPC written by Kim for the Wangdaio Colonies. Storytellers or players that wish to include Ember in their stories simply just need to ask Kim. Her theme song is Breaking Benjamin's "Angels Fall". Her voice sounds something like Romi Park and Christine Autine's performances as Teresa in Claymore.

Molly “Ember” Connelly
Art by Zairyo
Species Human
Organization Empire of Tai Pan
Rank Èrjí Shàngjiàng
Assignment Shizi Station
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Height 5'7“
Weight 130 lbs


Devoted to duty and sworn to protect the people of her failed nation. She acknowledges that fact that her placement is a prolonged life sentence and that if she tries to leave, the Empress of Tai Pan will execute her and the people living on Shīzi Station.

The ship was a patchwork of black, white and red sheets of metal of varying textures, that must have been salvaged from commercial shipping containers. The original paint had been blackened and pockmarked with holes. It was a miracle that the thing was able to be safe operated in any environment, let alone space. Luckily, small miracles were Ember’s forte. Rosalee supposed that if luck were a form of magic, Ember Connelley would be a mage to rival any Jordian tatya hinya. After all, isn’t that why her callsign was for the magical beings of Jord? The more poetic called Admiral Connelly a “radiant light” but Rosalee was a little jaded, and called her “unnaturally lucky”.
Rosalee Katsura in The Forgotten - Into the Fire

Known History

She was a Wangdaio Shouwei Forces Fleet Admiral when the Wangdaio Colonies split from Empire of Tai Pan. Her ship was the WCS La Lueur.

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