Sample is a character controlled by user. She first appeared in forum thread and is actively involved in the plot. This page is meant for new users to copy and paste the code into their own character wiki pages with their own information. If you need more assistance in making your character please return to the Character Creation Guide.

Sample , artwork by Artist link, This one is Farisato
Species: Species
Gender: Female
Born: 3001
Age: 20
Affiliation/Organization: Nations and Organizations
Occupation: Student
Rank: College Senior
Current Placement: Story Arcs
  • Height: 5'6 ” (167 cm)
  • Weight: 130 lbs (58 kg)
  • Appearance: Long straight light brown hair that falls to the middle of her back and bangs that fall to just above her eyebrows with longer layers framing her face. You can get fancier in how you describe what your character looks like. You can describe perfume, sound of voice, shape of face, etc.
  • Personality: Mysterious, aloof, seductive, and at times, incredibly contrary- it's hard to pin down what Sample is actually thinking. She is professional in how she conducts her business and is not known to get romantically involved with the people she works with. How do people actually see your character?
  • Disposition: She secretly hopes to sacrifice her underclassmen to herald the coming of the Elder Gods.
  • Sampolo, Father
  • Samplena, Mother
  • Sampson, Brother

Important Relationships

  • Sampia, Best Friend

Sample doesn't talk much about her childhood on PLANET in PODONK TOWN. She left as soon as she was able and started college. She is currently enrolled at Miskatonic University.

Sample has the following personal effects.

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