Unnur is an Ember trained at Temple of the Undying Light, Saule's Heartstone, Hvetentra from Holmgeir Village, Havador Mountains, Hvetentra, Jord. She is the original concept character for the Ember species and was first created in the story Radiance in 2013. She is a character controlled by Kim.

Art Credit: Juliana Wilhelm
Species: Embers
Gender: Female
Born: At dawn of the first day of the new year
Age: 18
Occupation: Medium, Exorcist
Organization: Order of the Resplendent Mother
  • Height: ' ” (cm)
  • Weight: lbs (kg)
  • Build, Skin Color: Pale
  • Eyes: Solid Sapphire blue eyes, no white exists in her eyes
  • Hair Color: Long, curly Auburn
  • Distinguishing Features: High tolerance for the cold; internal temperature runs much hotter than a normal human
  • Personality:
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:

Hrafn - Older brother
Janna - Sister in-law

A deep shade of purple, scattered with ribbons of lilac and rose, obscured the twinkling of the stars behind the Havador Mountains. Winter had settled white over the coniferous trees encircling the edges of a lake so clear it could have passed for God's polished mirror; it struck here lightly with cutting winds, although the trees themselves helped to stifle it. Unnur, wrapped in her heavy elk skin cloak, burying herself away from the chill into its downy rabbit fur, watched the skylights flicker and dance in the northern sky behind the swirls of her own breath.

Hrafn watched the lights reflect across his baby sister's face with a growing sense of pride: Unnur looked so much like their mother with each day that she approached puberty. Her body was maturing rapidly and the oracle had foretold what destiny had in store for the girl. He was apprehensive, he did not want to send his sister away to the Order but the changes were showing within her. He could no longer deny it, it was not even a few minutes earlier that he discovered that Unnur had slipped away from her bed in the middle of the night to swim in the lake. He had watched her emerge from the water unaffected by the bitter cold and steaming, despite the frost clinging to her hair and had argued with her the value of wearing his cloak to avoid catching her death.

The oracle had divined that Unnur carried the fire of the Matron Goddess, and then declared that Unnur must be sent to the Order of the Resplendent Mother to preserve her innocence. Hrafn had hoped that the Oracle was wrong; that his sister would be able to live a normal life, fall in love and have children but he saw his hope for her future shatter as the borealis caressed her flushed cheek. The Gods had chosen her and marked her with their light.

“Brother, what does it mean to be an Ember?” Unnur's voice trailed like a chime on the wind, fragile and resonating in harmony with the breeze. She looked at her brother with a growing fire building, a blue light threatened to overwhelm the white within her dark eyes.

“You are special, my little one,” Hrafn said after a long moment of silence. “It means that Saule's power burns within you; that you are meant to be the light… to hold back the darkness.” He could not bear to speak of what holding that power truly meant for his little sister, her life was to be lived in isolation in a convent to be contained or to be spent wandering Gaia, fighting demons until she was consumed. It was considered more a curse than a blessing to be marked by the magic.

“But… why do I have to leave? If I am special, why are you sending me away? Can't I stay here with you and Janna? I wanted to be here when the baby came,” Unnur frowned, the light in her eyes faltered as her mood shifted.

Hrafn bit his lower lip as he pulled his little sister into a tight embrace. Unnur closed her eyes and settled into the warmth of her brother's body. “It is the way… I don't want to send you away- it is the last thing that I would ever wish for you, Unnur. The Order trains Embers to harness and control the powers they have been blessed with; a fire that burns wildly destroys everything in its path until there is nothing left to burn, but a fire that is properly tended provides warmth, creates and very carefully destroys.”

Unnur has the following personal effects.

  • Draugur Pine white recurve bow: “This bow was formed from a Draugr Pine marked by Lamia and struck free by lightning. The Gods chose this pine for this duty just as they chose you to wield Saule's light, may Perkons continue to guide your arrows true and Saule lead you through this darkness.”
  • A copper hilted ceremonial dagger shaped in the visage of the goddess Mara: “Take this dagger, Ember Unnur and may Mara's mercy bring peace to those suffering and death to those that corrupt Gaia's children from Saule's light.”
  • Horse - Dufa: Grey docile horse bred from a long line of draft horses, which showed in the gentle arch of her neck and the surefootedness of her gait.

Anime style Headshot by Komissachan.

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