Velmaia "Vel" am-Sar

Velmaia is a Yazata Ahura from Liang. She is a character controlled by Jimmy.

Rank: Herald
Species: Yazata Ahura
Gender: Female
Born: 3000
Age: 20
Affiliation: Kowloon
Occupation: Herald of House Arleigh
Current Placement: Asteria
  • Height: 6' 2” (1.9cm) (Varies)
  • Weight: lbs (kg)
  • Appearance: Velmaia's appearance is what she needs it to be, while never entirely able to shape of her feminine form, she is able to drastically morph physical properties. Face, skin, height, even limbs, she can change.

On the look of Velmaias true form one is confronted by the monstrous origins of her kind. Her skin is a hellish red of baked clay, her nose upturned with a vaguely bat-like suggestion set below a pair of eyes too large for humankind. Her body is inhumanly lean, muscles tight upon a frame mercifully covered in short dark fur over her torso. Arms too long and thin, with sharp needle-like claws upon each of her fingers. Upon her back are a set of leathery membranous wings that run down to the length of her thighs, it all rests upon the set of talon'd feet she uses to clutch upon rocky edifices or walk when not soaring upon the thermal currents.

Her tail is flat but wide, webbed similarly to her wings and used to help steer through the air. When in flight the arms and wings conjoin together, allowing the full power of the shoulder and back muscles to be put into each beat of her wings.

It is good that her kind can shapeshift, better for the safety of both mankind and themselves.

  • Personality: Velmaia is a trained charlatan and actor, only enhanced by her natural abilities. She is a mirror in the reflection of what others see for much of her life. In the rare moments she is allowed to express herself honestly, she is often brutally straight forward with a razor of a tongue.

She often pretends to be more self-centered than she is in order to mentally distance herself from people, as she knows one day she must return to her homeland to roost. Until then she seeks as much influence as she can muster to increase her standing among her own kind when she returns.

  • Mother: Belyola am-Sar
  • Father: Zerchar cal-Zaheri

Velmaia was born on Liang to a reasonably caring mother who raised her in the ways of flight, magic, and culture. Her mother taught her how to shapeshift early in life so she could integrate better with humans, as well as instilling in her the cunning needed to survive in deadly human society. Velmaia went to trade school and was trained to operate excavators before swapping careers by emigrating to the Alliance to attend college. She studied Humanitarian arts before taking a Performance major.

A failed actress career became a marginally successful military intelligence career after an undisclosed incident, and somehow finding herself in a small country in the middle of nowhere called Kowloon.

Velmaia has the following personal effects.

  • Herald Mask of house Arleigh
  • Magistar disguise
  • Bugout bag filled with Arleigh heirlooms, currency, and fake identities.
  • One final mission.
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