Xú Song

Xú Song is a Taianese Rabbit from Piyapon. She is a player character controlled by Immortal Cyan.

Xú Song
Art by kurenpika
Species: Rabbit Form
Gender: Woman
Born: 3018 GSC
Age: 10 Months (Body and Mind flash-aged to Adulthood)
Occupation: N/A
Current Placement: N/A
  • Height: 4'0” (121.92 cm)
  • Weight: 100 lbs. (45.36 kg)
  • Measurements (BWH): 22.6D-20-42.4

Outwardly, Xú Song possesses many physical similarities to a true Rabbit of the Taianese Maker Caste. She has a thoroughly overdeveloped lower body, with hefty and shelf-like buttocks, bountiful thighs, and brawny calves. Her hands have long and slender fingers and perched on top of the frontal region of her skull, are two large rabbit-like ears1) with pink insides and cyan-furred outsides. At the small of her back, Song has a round and fluffy scut, which is the same color as her fur.

However, unlike the rabbit forms of the Taianese Maker Caste, Song has secondary sexual characteristics that clearly mark her as female. Most notably, she bears generously-sized breasts and strikingly wide hips, features which are typically not found in the androgynous rabbit forms of the Taianese.

Her face is soft-featured and feminine, forming a heart-shaped frontal profile with a somewhat pointy chin, an angular jawline, and wide cheekbones. In addition, Song has a distinctively colorful visage, possessing heterochromatic irises, smooth brown skin, and cyan hair. The iris of her left eye is bright yellow and the right one is magenta.

In plain terms, Xú Song is very much a blank slate. She is incredibly curious and easy to please, but also introverted and quiet. In addition, she is not prone to anxiety or disquiet. Song possesses a vigorous work ethic, but she is not overly ambitious or competitive. Rather, she is more motivated by her desire to achieve mastery in her work.

Song is unimaginative in her approach to problem-solving, and she tends to easily fall towards established norms and practices, rather than reasoning through her own solutions.

Xú Song was conceived in 3018 GSC by an illegal subcontractor group loosely associated with Genesis BioAnimation. Her creation was executed through a highly industrialized combination of life magic and technology, which utilized many of the same scientific methods through which proto Taianese slaves were created and bio-engineered during the time of ancient mankind's expansion across the Sol System. Upon creation, her body and mind were flash-matured to adulthood, while memories were flash-implanted with an extensive set of language, social, practical, cultural, and physical skills.

Although she quite closely resembles a Taianese Rabbit, physically and psychologically, Song is almost completely different. Her creation represents a physical manifestation of foreign sexual fantasies surrounding the Rabbit Caste, who are almost universally disgusted by such carnal affairs. As such, many of her psychological and physical traits were adapted to allow her to more easily sate the desires of Taianese fetishists, who typically find that the men and women of their desire are unwilling (and often physically unable) to satisfy their lust. In essence, although she retains many of the characteristics that attract foreign fetishists to the Taianese, Song is a perversion of the true Taianese Rabbit.

Song’s creation was extremely secretive, as the risk for violent reprisal from radical Taianese paramilitary liberation groups was extremely high given the intentions behind her creation. It was one of these groups that was responsible for obtaining her freedom via a “dead end” within a vast slave trafficking ring with connections to the Sutākame. Had it not been for a decoy smuggler, Song would have been delivered to one of the many slave breeding ships of the Sutākame Nomadic Fleet, to live a short life as a breeding slave. Instead, Song was promptly extracted from the slave circulation, registered within a Taianese Imperial program for ex-slaves and refugees, and shipped to Piyapon, within the Kowloon system…

After she arrived, Song was enrolled within a mandatory class for refugees and ex-slaves, designed to teach her the basics of living in civilized Taianese society. To make ends meet, she took a job as a ring girl in the Iron Warrior Arena.

During one of her classes, Bob Gunson served as her teacher and from him, she first learned about the Sutākame and their psionic abilities, along with the content in the curriculum for her class. After a single conversation with the tentacled teacher, Song quickly became obsessed with psionics and began to seek ways through which she could attain such abilities. Upon learning from him that a Sutākame larva could bond with an individual and grant them the ability to utilize mental powers, Song directly asked Bob if he would impregnate her with one, a request which he abruptly refused, much to Song's frustration. After an emotional outing in which Bob drunkenly cried over the death of Valériane, Song was presented with the chance to obtain seed for a Sutākame larva. However, when she realized that Bob was drunk and therefore, unable to consent to any sexual activities, Song remembered her sexual assault awareness training and decided not to take advantage of the drunk Star Turtle. Nevertheless, the Song did not give up in her pursuit of power. Instead, she utilized Bob's smart-stick to send lewd selfies and her location to a group of slavers affiliated with a Sutākame Nomadic Fleet. Within a few hours, the slavers arrived to “capture” her.

In the custody of the slavers, Song met (and nearly killed in self-defense) Kimmy and Ken Kardashian after irritating the two socialites soon after she expressed her desire to be impregnated by a Sutākame so that she could obtain psionic powers. Soon after the slavers arrived at their destination, Song was assigned to the most intelligent Sutākame of breeding age in the entire fleet after her IQ was assessed as far below normal. This assignment gave Song a degree of infamy among the other breeding slaves in the migratory fleet for her low IQ, especially after she repeatedly expressed a disturbing amount of motherly affection for the tentacled monsters growing in her womb, which fazed even the senses of her Sutākame masters. Nevertheless, after meeting Thorn Ironheart, Song came up with a plan for escape with the neotenic scientist by sneaking out on her ship, the Oracle. Utilizing the cover of a fire that was discreetly started by a transgender technician, Song and Thorn managed to fly out of the hangar of the Sutākame flotilla vessel. However, their escape was nearly compromised when the effects of the psionic field around the fleet compelled them to attempt to open their ship to space. Fortunately, the Oracle's sentient mind was resistant to the mental intrusion and flew out of the range of the Sutākame's psychic field as fast as possible, before translating into FTL.

During the journey to Port Endeavor, Song's water broke and she went into labor. She gave birth to a set of three Sutākame larvae soon after the ship arrived at Port Endeavor, in an Ersetu medical lab. Her ultimate wish came to fruition when one of her spawn reentered her body and merged with her spine, giving her the psionic powers that she had craved since her first meeting with Bob Gunson. Unfortunately, her other two larvae escaped into the depths of Port Endeavor, psionically screaming at the trauma of birth…

After a failed attempt to extract the Sutākame symbiote from Song's body against her will, Song was held in a classified Interstellar Alliance correctional institution, intended for dangerous and unsanctioned psionic individuals. It was there that she learned to control her burgeoning psionic powers. After a few months, Song was discharged from the correctional facility and allowed to return to Kowloon. However, before she left, a psionic inhibition device was secretly implanted into her spine, effectively making it harder for her to utilize her newfound powers…

Xú Song has the following skills:

  • Athletic: Song is endowed with thick and powerful legs, which allow her to run at speeds in excess of 35 MPH and to jump at heights roughly equivalent to two or three stories. As a Taianese female, her physical capabilities are generally peak human or comparable to "a human Olympian athlete on an unrestricted regimen of performance enhancing drugs". In addition, she has enhanced balance which allows her to quickly and easily traverse thin wires or ropes as long as they can support her body mass.
  • Language: Song can speak, read, and write Dìguóyǔ, Furui-go, and English.
  • Bonded Psionic: Song has obtained psionic powers after a perilous odyssey in which she subjected herself to the custody of the Sutākame Nomadic Fleet as a breeding slave. Though she is powerful, her powers are largely untrained and unrefined. In addition, a psionic inhibition device was secretly implanted in her spine. However, she still retains the ability to manifest her psionic powers, but it will take her far more energy, focus, and effort to do so. Nevertheless, she has displayed a strong affinity with cryokinetic abilities.
    • Cryokinesis: Song has displayed an affinity with cryokinesis over other types of kinetic abilities. Due to the presence of the inhibition device in her spine, the scope and range of her powers is greatly decreased. Nonetheless, with intense focus, she can turn a small cup of liquid to ice in less than ten seconds. She can also project an emission of “cold energy” less than two centimeters out from her hands.

Xú Song has the following personal effects:

  • Civilian Clothing
  • Pod Apartment

Xú Song has the following bio-cybernetic modifications:

  • Psionic Inhibition Implant2): The psionic inhibition implant is classified piece of Interstellar Alliance bio-technology, which is designed to inhibit psionic abilities in a given recipient. Though the implant does not completely hard counter the manifestation of psionic abilities, it does make the act of doing so more strenuous and intensive. Nevertheless, an exceptionally strong, talented, and extensively trained psionic individual may still manifest dangerously powerful abilities with the implant, especially if they have never utilized their psionic abilities without it. Nonetheless, if the implant is removed (especially after an extended period of use), the individual will display extremely powerful and dangerous abilities…

Mildly NSFW, Ear Reference
In simple video game terms, the implant applies a 40% debuff to the relative effectiveness (damage, range, power, healing, Etc.) of all psionic abilities. This means that a “Level 100” psionic will still be quite powerful and dangerous with the debuff/implanted applied, because their abilities will be nerfed to roughly the power of a “Level 60” psionic. For comparison, Xú Song is a “Level 1” psionic at this current stage, but the implant makes her power nearly equivalent to that of a “Level 0”.
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