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Psychopomp LLC is a business with two faces. One face is what the public knows to be a cybernetic and gene augmentation provider. The other is a shady business that deals in kidnapping, forcing children into becoming super soldiers for profit and developing the business of dealing death.


“With Psychopomp, anything is possible!”

Psychopomp LLC is a family friendly company devoted to providing top quality cybernetics and gene therapy care to all at convenient prices as well as boasting a large PMC organization, founded in . These are the extent of their operations that are known to the public and on the whole, they are a well-trusted company that provides a wide range of wholesome services to the public.

Psychopomp LLC is an organization dedicated to making top of the line augmentations as a front, while behind the scenes they are secretly a PMC organization creating mercenaries towards fulfilling their own agendas whilst filling their coffers with the spoils. The methods Psychopomp goes about this usually employs either recruitment of willing volunteers and/or kidnapping children, the latter of which they mind wipe and sell to the highest bidder. Volunteers are normally kept in the dark about the kidnapping and thus Psychopomp maintains it's pristine record in the public's eye.

CEO Kristen Romanov
Product Symbol PP

Information about Psychopomp's facilities, who runs them, where they are, and what their purpose is.

Psychopomp Cybernetics Kristen Romanov System 87G Cybernetic research and application.
Psychopomp Genetics Paul Smith System 87F Genetic research and application.
Psychopomp Power Ren Traling System 87E Harvesting and processing of available energy resources.
Psychopomp PMC Kristen Romanov System 87D Creation of enhanced mercenaries for PMC work for company through both legal and illegal means.
Psychopomp HQ Kristen Romanov System 87C Psychopomp LLC Main Headquarters
Warehouse One System 87G Psychopomp Cybernetics Division Storage
Warehouse Two System 87F Psychopomp Genetics Division Storage
Warehouse Three System 87E Psychopomp Power Division Storage
Warehouse Four System 87D Psychopomp PMC Division Storage
Psychopomp LLC Genetics and Cybernetics Branch #1 Downtown Psychopomp-leased building used for sales and distribution of its services; boasting a 'cleaner, more efficient environment' compared to the rest of its competition. The second floor contains its Alliance Public Relations Headquarters.
Psychopomp LLC Genetics and Cybernetics Branch #2 Dawn Station Psychopomp-leased storefront located near the heart of Alliance space, offering quality and affordable services to the station's myriad of people and races looking to enhance and experience their lives to the fullest.
Number of Employees Purpose
360 Civilian Crews of the PP LLC Fleet
90 R&D Personnel PP LLC Genetics, Power, and Cybernetics Branch
100 PMC PP LLC Private Security Force / Outsourced Private Military
Notable Employees
  • Kristen Romanov - CEO of Psychopomp LLC
  • Paul Smith - Co-Founder and Head of Psychopomp LLC Genetics and Research
  • Ren Traling - Head of Psychopomp LLC Power Branch
    • Ace - PMC; Team Osiris Leader
    • Natyli - PMC; Team Osiris Combat Medic
Former Employees
  • sharpe_levanna - PMC; Team Jericho Marksman (WIA?/MIA?/KIA?)
  • Angelo Patton - Former PP LLC Head Geneticist

Any legal matters are handled through an external law firm that is commissioned to handle issues such as taxes, zoning, environmental, copyright, etc.

Psychopomp Cybernetics Provides appendage, hand, feet, finger, toe replacement, torso and pelvis reconstruction, organ restoration or replacement, gill transplant, toxin filtering, addition of microcomputer and memory enhancement backup to the brain, cybernetic eyes or infrared, telescopic, ranging or targeting eye enhancements.
Psychopomp Genetics Splicing and dicing in order to alter the makeup of the brain, eyes, organs, muscles, bones, appendages, and anything to make the fetus more efficient and capable than the standard.
Psychopomp Power Involved in the creation of such things such as a plasma power generator and other projects and products that make use of energy sources.
Psychopomp PMC Deals with the creation of advanced war-ready altered people through use of genetic mutation before birth and cybernetic overhauls done afterwards. A good amount of those that have gone through Psychopomp's ringer end up at Private Military Companies, though not all are there by choice.
PP LLC 'Merchant' Fleet 8 Freighter, 2 Courier, 3 Escort
PP LLC 'Stock' Fleet 8 Freighter, 2 Courier, 3 Escort
PP LLC 'Gold' Fleet 4 Heavy Freighter, 6 Escort

A group of researchers and developers banded together in 2997 GSC to begin genetic manipulations on fetuses of women looking to have their children enhanced on a budget. Little did the women know that the children they were going to give birth to were being enhanced as part of an illegal means to produce super soldiers. The children were given mental and physical prowess in the field of killing, unbeknownst to the women and some of the researchers. Their head genetic researcher, Angelo Patton, was lied to about the reasons behind the Gene Manipulation the group was carrying out on fetuses and only upon discovery did he try to rectify the situation by fleeing with the only pregnant woman that was convinced by what he had learned. The two fled from place to place and were only discovered in 2990 GSC, at which point they were killed and the fetus, now a grown 6 year old boy named Amed, was taken back to the group. Amed spent another six years in captivity in which time he received Mecha Employed Muscular Enhancement and the newly developed Cybernetics Aided Technology package. The company continued to find more test subjects to vary the abilities of their subjects while also capable of creating clones of Amed.

It took over a decade and a half after they had first started experimenting on fetuses and capturing children for Psychopomp to create their company as a legitimate one. In early 3016 GSC, the group of researchers were able to put on a guise of legal creation of super soldiers, gene manipulation, and cybernetics enhancements for civilians and private military companies, alike. People like Ace were a part of those projects. They entered the market in order to satisfy the needs of [ for cheap, reliable augmentations. Gene manipulation appealed to those that wanted to compete with the and the PMC branch took care of the growing conflict in the Kikyo sector.

In the same year, Amed was being shipped off in stasis when the ship carrying him was badly damaged and the container he was carried in was lost to the company. Thankfully for the company, there were several copies of him already within their training program, among other subjects.

After the loss of, arguably, their most valuable asset; Kristen Romanov began a series of recruitment campaigns in order to establish and maintain Psychopomp's ruse as a “start-up genetics and cybernetics company” that offered quality service at an affordable price. With the help of its public relations department and a particularly talented employee, Psychopomp LLC established itself within a year of its arrival on the civilian market; setting up branch stores within Planet and nearby space. Owing to its past decade and a half of build-up, which mainly took the form of a vast fortune made in licensed and trademarked goods, provided ample amounts of monetary incentive in the eyes of disenfranchised men and women looking for a fresh start; freelance mercenaries and independent cargo haulers alike flocking by the droves to secure their future.

What was once a mysterious start-up genetics company boomed almost overnight into a well-established contender on the open market.

Psychopomp offers both its standard clientele and its underground abducted super soldiers a variety of products and services that include splicing and dicing genes, attached guidance units that act as HUD-like display units for the wearer, muscular enhancements for operating mecha, and skeletal augmentations to better equip the wearer with an endoskeleton-like package.

Here are some of the products listed by Psychopomp:

Gene Manipulation
Operator Guidance Unit
Mecha Employed Muscular Enhancement
Skeletal Human Augmented Mechanism
Cybernetics Aided Technology
Artificial Body

Psychopomp PMC Super Soldier Initiative - Status: Successfully Completed
The Super Soldier Initiative, or SSI for short, uses a cocktail of the products Psychopomp offers to create the perfect soldier in the eyes of the company. These soldiers are often sold or used for Psychopomp's personal security. The soldiers have usually undergone gene manipulation, have operator guidance units or OGUs, muscle implants for controlling mecha or MEME's, as well as the other products and services Psychopomp has at its disposal. Unfortunately, many of the soldiers have been used against their will and very rarely do the children and adults used for the SSI push past the indoctrination they receive to overcome Psychopomp's mental grip on them. Though this has happened in the case of Amed, a young boy that escaped from Psychopomp's SSI project, overall it is counted as a success.

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