Bu Qi Character Creation Guide

Welcome. Welcome to Bu Qiwah. It's more fun here.

If you're mad enough to want to have a try at playing Bu Qi, who am I to stop you. This guide should give you the foundation to build a fun character to spread colonialism to all new universes. Bu Qi roughly translates from Chinese to The Unasked For, and this is what your character may be treated as, IC.

Put bluntly, Bu Qi are interdimensional invaders. But the way here is often regarded as a one way trip, and the perilous crossing is often enough for any who undertake it once. Think of it rather than a jump, but as a chain where a mere fraction of infinite possibilities could occur. Dimensions of pure energy, dimensions where space is breathable and gravity works on a completely different set of principles, or even dimensions where technology does not work at all. All potentially fatal for any crossing starship.

The crossings are made by huge Jumpships, carrying cargoes of goods, passengers, and other ships with them to the new world. All prospecting for adventure and gain. New riches, and new opportunities.

In a universe this rugged and demanding, the Bu Qi are up for the challenge.


As a species, Bu Qi call themselves Chelti. “Bu Qi” being the name given to them by the local denizens in one of their tongues. Meaning “The Unasked For” or “Unbidden”, this moniker serves them well.

Each individual chel has four names to their own. Their given name, their mothers and fathers names, and the clan to which they belong. Comparing family trees to possible relatives is not uncommon on first encounters with other Bu Qi.

If your chel is a member of the military, and a somewhat prestigious one, he will be given a Spirit name. In a demonstration of humility, such names are never of a grandiose nature, instead taking the names of a humbler creature than what may actually translate in their own dialect. These names are often translated to foreigners tongues, being that it is the name in spirit that must be given to the listener.

Male Names Female Names Clan Names
Spirit Name Examples
Coyote, Culpeo, Cuttlefish , Dingo, Hound, Octopus, Weasel

Sidenote: These translations are deliberately poor, as demonstrated by “Octopus”, whose totem animal is actually represented by what many would consider a kraken. Indeed, a large octopus.


Bu Qi are considered adults at five standard years, by twelve they're fully mature, and if the naturally high attrition of their typical lifestyles don't get them, it's a very rare chelti to not die of natural causes by thirty. Live fast and burn bright.


Possessing two genders, male and female are not easily discernible to outsiders, and Bu Qi themselves tell mostly by scent. The females do not have wider hips, young are instead born in a state humans could consider massively premature, and raised in pouches on both male and female bellies.


A chels family is their clan, and the clan is their family. Being born into the same clan which their mother belongs, Bu Qi are often raised by an eclectic mix of “aunts” and “uncles” amongst their “cousins”, the true relations between these clan members are byzantine in nature, and Bu Qi themselves usually only provide this scant information.

Sires are always taken from outside the clan, and return to their own once the deed is done, taking very little part in the actual child rearing, often only leaving his name.






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  • Insatiable love of bacon.


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