Character Creation Guide

Congratulations, you have taken your first step to getting involved in the setting. Creating a character is the most important step in getting involved in a story campaign. This guide mostly goes over the basics of character creation so it would be in your best interest to take a look at the pre-existing Nations and Organizations and Species to get an idea of what is already available. This wiki is a quick reference guide to the setting, so it is always available for you to use throughout the character creation process.

Some species have a specific character creation guide with ideas for your character's history / origins. If you want a more focused approach to making your character, click the species pictures below to go to those specific guides.

If you already have an idea for your character and just need the code for your page, click the Edit button to the right and copy the code below. Just be sure to paste the code into Wordpad or a Word Doc or even another wiki page. Please do not save over this page with your information.

  1. Create a new page by typing or copying the following url into your browser.<your_character_name_here>
  2. Change <your character name> to your character's name
  3. Click Create Page.
  4. In another window open the A Sample Character Page
  5. Click “Edit”
  6. Copy the code section from the page and paste it into your new page.
  7. Click “Save” on YOUR page.
  8. Close the Sample character page, selecting cancel to discard your edits.
  9. Click Edit on your page to start filling in the fields with your character's information.

Put Your Character Name Here

You'll want a brief sentence saying the character is played by you, and include a link that has your name, like this: Your Name Here. You'll want to use those underscores for spaces.

Species: -
Gender: -
Year of Birth: -
Height: -
Weight: -
Organization: -
Occupation: -
Rank: You only need this if you're military

Pictures are not required for your character! If you want to use an image that you found on the internet that you did not commission or draw yourself, you need to credit the source and state that it is a reference. As a placeholder you can use one of these:

Blank Character Art
Female Blank Male Blank
 {{:character:blank.png|}} or {{:character:blankcharactermale.png}} 

If you are looking for an artist please consider hiring our Art Associates - Nicoy or Puffy.

Or if you are just looking for something as a placeholder, check out what is in our Adoptable Art gallery for site use.

Here are a couple of premade character art generators that you could consider:

For physical description, just describe how your character looks freestyle, or fill in the stuff below:

  • Height: How tall are you?
  • Weight: How much do you weigh?

Build, Skin Color: Are you fat, skinny, lean, muscular? What is your skin tone? Fair, Medium?

Eyes and ears: What color are your eyes? Do you feel like describing how your ears look?

Hair: How long is your hair, what color is it? Is it curly? Is it straight? Is it thin? Are you bald?

Distinguishing Features: Do you have any piercings or tattoos? Do you have any weird birthmarks or scars? Do you have cybernetics?

Here, you'll have to describe what your character is like as a person. This part is perhaps the most important and challenging aspect you need to have filled out, so don't be afraid to put lots and lots of stuff down about them. Detail how they act, how they think, and list out things they like and dislike perhaps. Perhaps they act in certain ways under certain circumstances, and differently in others. Their own personal beliefs and how they affect their worldview and behavior may also be mentioned here.

This part is probably going to be a bit boring, but is pretty important, as the events of the character's past play a big part in forming who they are now. Though a good, solid history is best, you can get by with a brief and simple history, especially if you're just starting out.

  • Empire of Tai Pan: With Tai Pan in particular, there are a few key things to consider. It is highly recommended that players go with characters that are Second or Third Class Citizens, as this provides the maximum level of flexibility. Player characters who are physically but not mentally Taianese are typically second-class citizens; people who have immigrated to Tai Pan, and have managed to obtain the gene-modes necessary to become Taianese by service or with money. Citizens of every other species are also available for play, but would be considered Third Class Citizens. First Class Citizens should only be played by veterans, as they are very specific, challenging types of characters.
  • The Interstellar Alliance: Those from the Interstellar Alliance are directly descended from the Humans of Earth, having recently arrived in this sector of space as their colony ship emerged from FTL. Though surrounded on all sides by many different aliens, some hostile and some friendly, those of the Alliance often stay true to their belief of peaceful exploration and discovery. Those that don't however, just as often find themselves as unsupported colonists splitting off from the alliance and under threat from foreign forces. Or worse, freelancers, pirates, mercenaries and more.
  • Gartagen Union: The remnant of a once ancient empire that spanned from the dunes of Shara to one star after another, the glory days of the Gartagen Union are long past. As newcomers arrive in this portion of space, their people have felt the increasing pressure from these upstarts. Surrounded by these foreigners, their strange customs and their violence Gartagens dream of the day that they are mighty once more.
  • Wangdaio Colonies: Looking to escape the prosecution and injustices of the Empire of Tai Pan, the people of its newly founded colony worlds broke away and struck out for independence the moment that opportunity presented itself. Humans, Taianese, Elves and their protectors, the O.G.R.E.s all resided here. However, tragedy struck. Unsupported by the Empire and without a strong enough military force of its own, numerous forces plotted against it for their own means, political or practical. Having since fallen during a time known as “The Blackout”, these “Forgotten Colonies” remain a martyred symbol of peace and freedom from which many refugees have come.
  • Bu Qi Nomad Fleet: The only faction with no known space on The Starmap, neither riches nor honors can corrupt them, neither poverty nor humbleness can swerve them from principle, neither threats nor forces can subdue them. They touch everywhere, but exist nowhere. They are Bu Qi, and they are legion.

Generally not required but having a broad overview of what your character is able to do is good. Are you a sniper? Archer? Underwater basketweaver? Do you fish? Do you worship the Dark gods? Do you make candles? List the basics of what you know that will be important to telling your character's story.

What type of stuff do you own? Many characters are wanderers, so they only have available to them what they can carry. Do you own a ship? A house? The world's smallest violin? If you are a sniper, it would be important to own a sniper rifle. We don't care how many pairs of undies your character has, unless it is important to the story… like you turn into a superhero when you wear panties on your head.

At some point, all items will end up listed here: Objects, Technologies, and Equipment.

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