Character Creation Guide

Congratulations, you have taken your first step to getting involved in the setting. Creating a character is the most important step in getting involved in a story campaign. This guide mostly goes over the basics of character creation so it would be in your best interest to take a look at the pre-existing Nations and Organizations and Species to get an idea of what is already available. This wiki is a quick reference guide to the setting, so it is always available for you to use throughout the character creation process.

A character often starts with an idea. If you're interested in joining an existing story arc or thread you should take the time to talk with the game master of the story thread or other players in the thread to find out if there are any guidelines to be mindful of. Some Species are more common in certain parts of the sector than others, the populations listed on many of the Nations and Organizations pages are generalized but outliers exist too.

Having an idea of their careers, disposition, or other situation will definitely help you later in the character creation process. If you need help at any point in the process never be afraid to ask for it.

A character sheet is the focal point of a characters notes, appearances, and achievements. The sheet is a tool made to support the writer and other players without requiring record-keeping or accounting, it will allow other players to quickly check something about your character, and to remind you of details you may have forgotten.

To get started on a character sheet you'll need to open a new tab on your browser and copy this address, modifying it to the character name of your choice, with underscores in place of spaces.<your_character_name_here>

This will lead you to a page that should look something this:

To start writing your page you'll need to press the Create Page button in the right-hand sidebar, shown in red here:

Char gen 2

This will start you with a blank page, so now we need to fill it. To get you started with have a blank character sheet in the wiki templates page, if this is your first character you may be interested in the Beginners Character Sheet Template located here:

Player Character Beginner Template

You can also look at the Sample character sheet to give you a better idea of how to write a bare-bones character to get you started.

A Sample Character Page

You can save it at this point, or continue to fill out out at your the character sheet until you wish to stop by pressing the green Save button at the bottom of the page. You can always reopen the sheet to edit it using the same Edit page in the right hand side at a later time:

Char gen 3

Additional tips to make things easy, you can click and drag the bottom right corner of the white editing box to make it larger.

Some species have a specific character creation guide, which has a primer on lore, and a small set of possible ideas for your character's history or origins. If you want a more focused approach to making your character, click the species pictures below to go to those specific guides.

If you're looking to play in a specific nation within the setting, you can look at their nation page for a brief overview of the nation and the populations within it. Even if a species is not listed as a Major or Minor population, it's still possible for exotic settlers to arrive in many places.

Nations and Organizations

If you're specifically making a character for a plot you can view it's page in the Story Arcs page to see who the other characters in the story are going to be with yours, and get ideas from them. Remember that your game master is always willing to assist you with character ideas.

Story Arcs

If you're still unsure, or just looking for someone to talk to, you can ask on our discord if you're not there already.

The Shattered Universe Discord

Pictures are not required for your character! If you want to use an image that you found on the internet that you did not commission or draw yourself, you need to credit the source and state that it is a reference. As a placeholder you can use one of these:

Blank Character Art
Female Blank Male Blank
 {{:character:blank.png|}} or {{:character:blankcharactermale.png}} 

If you are looking for an artist please consider hiring our Art Associates - Nicoy or Puffy.

Or if you are just looking for something as a placeholder, check out what is in our Adoptable Art gallery for site use.

Here are a couple of premade character art generators that you could consider:

If you're still struggling to pick a human or alien that's right for you, perhaps these brief synopsis of each species history may help you, it will also give you a taste of the lore for each and the flavor of roleplay you might expect out of them.

  • The Interstellar Alliance: Those from the Interstellar Alliance are directly descended from the Humans of Earth, having recently arrived in what they call the Pioneer Sector as their colony ship emerged from a near-lethal FTL incident. Though surrounded on all sides by many different aliens, some hostile and some friendly, those of the Alliance often stay true to their beliefs in peaceful exploration and discovery.
  • Empire of Tai Pan: The Taianese are an alien yet familiar companion to mankind from a shared past, the Taianese have spent centuries travelling the stars to reach the sector and have tenaciously clung to their new home through fire and war. The Taianese divide themselves into Caste, Class, and Forms in a strictly organized society.
  • Solarity of Kowloon: A client state the Taianese created for exiled elves and survivors of the Wangdaio Colonies, this artificial state creaks at the corners but hangs together through the sheer personality of its ruler. The Kowlooni are often people who have seen much hardship, and expect to see more. They come from almost every species in the sector.
  • Wangdaio Colonies: Looking to escape the prosecution and injustices of the Empire of Tai Pan, the people of its newly founded colony worlds broke away and struck out for independence the moment that opportunity presented itself. Humans, Taianese, Elves and their protectors, the O.G.R.E.s all resided here. However, tragedy struck. Unsupported by the Empire and without a strong enough military force of its own, numerous forces plotted against it for their own means, political or practical. Having since fallen during a time known as “The Blackout”, these “Forgotten Colonies” remain a martyred symbol of peace and freedom from which many refugees have come.
  • Sheffeldan Freehold: The people of Sheffeld are survivors of the former Wangdaio Colonies and have existed on the edge for over a decade, warping their bodies and culture to survive a hostile galaxy. Sheffeldan humans share the same baseline as Alliance humans, but many have been enhanced beyond it. They are most often seen travelling across the sector as mercenaries or traders.
  • Constitutional Dominion Of Ersetu: Home of the Kishargal, an advanced race that has chosen to limit itself to a strict code of honor and trade. Their impressive jump gate technology and enterprising spirit takes them to many corners of the sector.
  • Gartagen Union: The remnant of a once ancient empire that spanned from the dunes of Shara to one star after another, the glory days of the Gartagen Union are long past. As newcomers arrive in this portion of space their people have felt the increasing pressure from these upstarts. Surrounded by these foreigners, their strange customs and their violence Gartagens dream of the day that they are mighty once more.

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