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Hello and welcome! This guide is meant to assist all players, regardless of familiarity with online roleplaying with getting started with Shattered Universe. Please take a look at the table of contents in the right hand corner to navigate to the sections that are pertinent to your level of experience.

Before we get into it, Shattered Universe is an 18 year old and up international community based in the United States. It contains content not intended for children. While we don’t openly post overly graphic sexual content, we do NOT allow membership to persons younger than 18 years old to avoid accidental contact with minors and inappropriate contact.

To navigate the wiki, please use the links in the left side bar. Clicking on the Forums will take you off the wiki to the forums.

To learn what plot you want to join, click on Storyarcs or visit the forums to read what people are up to. If you are new to roleplay please read: Roleplay Primer

In the year 2378, the UESS Pioneer departed from Earth, the first of a series of deep space colony vessels. She spent several weeks traveling to the jump points at Sol’s nadir before activating her Jump drive. Due to sabotage the jump drive malfunctions, making it appear as if 5 million crew and passengers were obliterated in an instant. All jump drive technology research on Earth is set back for years due to public outcry.

But the UESS Pioneer wasn't destroyed. In 2521, the Pioneer emerged from fold space into a previously uncharted sector of the Milky Way. The crew and colonists onboard have no idea where they are, or what happened and are unable to get in contact with Earth. They fear the worse. Afraid that Earth is gone and that they are the remnants of humanity- now stranded in deep space, they locate a nearby star system with a habitable planet to be their new home. Forced to travel at sublight speed, it takes the Pioneer 300 years to reach what they name, “Eden”.

But Eden is far from paradise. And the colonists discover that they aren't alone…

The Second Children, whom the humans arrogantly insist on calling Elves, are waning, scattered across the worlds, abandoned by their gods, and in a precarious state despite their inexplicable ability to create miracles. Meanwhile, the Atraxians are threatening to spread across the sector like a disease. All is not lost however. Polite, honorable and proper, the Kishargal have set sail amongst the stars, but, are woefully behind in technology. However, there are the other fragments of humanity's legacy that had arrived long before. Once the manufactured slaves of Earth, these figments of the past had come to the Spiral Galaxy long before the human colonists and created The Empire of Tai Pan - genetically superior, they remember their past with humanity well, and not fondly.

It is now, 3021 GSC. Surrounded by many more potential friends and foes alike, the sector is on the verge of war.

Our rules are located here or are located in thesidebar under “RULES”.

The TLDR (Too long didn’t read) versions of the rules are:

  1. Don’t be a jerk.Be polite.
  2. If you make something, it belongs to you.
  3. Credit people when you use their work.
  4. All members must be 18 or older.
  5. Site admins and staff have the right to enforce rules as needed.

All regular table top roleplay games like Dungeon and Dragons, Starship Troopers, Shadowrun and Warhammer 40,000 have Core Rulebooks, supplemental manuals, and other books containing hundreds of pages of setting lore, rules, and artwork. The Shattered Universe wiki is all of these things with a Search function.

Unlike regular rpgs, the wiki is a living document that all members of the community can update at any point in time to add or subtract information to support the specific plots they are running or stories they are creating in the setting.

The Discord is chat in real time, so if people are offline or busy, they might miss your question or message. Discord is meant for real time communication with the community about just about everything. Anything that might need more than a few seconds to respond to should be posted as a question to the forum since walls of text in the Discord can get easily lost in conversation.

The Shattered Universe forums are a repository of roleplaying, additional site lore, and is a means of seeking longer answers for specific setting questions. It is meant to foster longer, better thought out discussion on new setting elements. Discord conversations move quickly and things can get lost or miscommunications can happen when the topic is suddenly shifted by someone new coming into the chat. That doesn’t happen as quickly unless someone is in the forums waiting for a response.

If you want to propose an idea for the setting but want time to brainstorm it, then the forum is the best place for it.

  • A stable internet connection.
  • A browser.
  • Some way to type.
  • An email account.
  • A willingness to work with others.

Register an account on the forums and then message one of the staff on the Discord to approve it. From there, one of the staff can create a Wiki account for you and assign you a random password.

With original characters, we do allow single player races but certain things need coordination for integration into the setting. Please message us on the Forums or on the Discord for help.

Shattered Universe’s forum as originally meant to be a repository for Tony and Gunsight1’s Star Trek Roleplay but it was repurposed for the original setting of Shattered universe. In that spirit, we do have an Off-Setting Roleplay Forum geared towards people that want to use a regular pen and paper game system as the backbone of their rp. Character sheets can be posted on our wiki but they need to be annotated as being whatever system you are using.

Please see our character creation guide by clicking the link in the left side bar or here.

You can contact an artist for a commission, draw it yourself, take a look at our Adoptable Art gallery or request artwork in the forum. We recommend checking for artists that are currently accepting commissions on Discord, Behance, Upwork, Twitter, Instragram, Fiverr, Facebook and any commission marketplace.

Free Art

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