Site Immigration

This guide is meant to primarily help those who have immigrated from a certain particular site. However, this will still be helpful to those coming from other sites due to the general information and summaries it has regarding the factions of Shattered Universe.

As the most powerful nation in the area, the culturally far-eastern Empire of Tai Pan is the major, imperialistic superpower around which everything else centers.

The nation's fist class citizens are the descendants of a super-human slave class that escaped from earth and its solar system. Like their predecessors, modern-day Taianese are genetically enhanced to a significant degree. However, since establishing themselves, they have taken this towards an extreme. For an example, the majority of first class citizens are relatively androgynous in appearance, suppress their emotions, and believe sexual intercourse to be a filthy, barbaric thing, all while holding logic in much higher regard. Meanwhile, those of any caste that requires specialized modifications or deals with foreigners, such as various politicians, traders and soldiers, retain their sexual dimorphism and are appealing in the traditional sense, but to the point that their beauty is borderline uncanny. Perhaps even more important though, is the various genetic sequences that such caste members have adopted from animals. The most common type of soldier for an example, possesses feline traits such as slit-pupil eyes, feline ears, and a tail that contains neural clusters for technological interface and additional sensory organs.

Most player characters originating from Tai Pan will be of the other groups however.

Second class citizens however, are immigrants from other nations such as the Interstellar Alliance who have been genetically upgraded to one of the various castes-types. Due to their background, they typically prefer one of the body types of the Taianese that retains their sexual dimorphism and classically human appearance. However, they may not receive all genetic sequences due to not working in the appropriate role for their body type. For this reason, second class citizens are not part of the Taianese caste system despite contributing to the economy. Perhaps just as importantly, these individuals still remain as 'themselves', and though sub-groups who wish to imitate the first class citizens do exist, the vast majority do not. Meanwhile, third class citizens are immigrants who have not received genetic enhancement due to a variety of factors, including monetary and political.

Due to the vast differences between the first class of citizens and the rest, The Empire chooses to segregate its society in the name of logical efficiency.

  • First Class Citizens of Tai Pan are very specific, and difficult to RP: they are not meant to be for beginner or common characters
  • Characters that were transhuman catgirls in a super-powerful empire are best suited to being Second Class Citizens with gene-mods belonging to the soldier caste
  • Characters that were humans in an empire run by transhuman catgirls are best suited to being Third Class Citizens, with a gene-mod or two tossed in if their wallet and political connections can afford it

In order to keep their economic efficiency, the Taianese have segregated their society, relegating second and third class citizens to specific areas since they do not fit into the caste system of the first class. Places like Kowloon act as a special political and economic zone where citizens can be productive members of society without interfering with the activities of higher performing ones. Additionally, zones such as Kowloon also occupy the borders of the empire and possess their own standing military forces independent of the Imperial Navy, acting as a military buffer between potential hostiles. In general, these zones are self-governing, with laws and conditions within them having the potential to vary drastically from one to the next, as The Empire is very 'Laissez Faire' to them for both better and worse.

Naturally, special political and economic zones such as Kowloon are done not only in the name of efficiency and logic, but also disdain for the lesser classes, which first class citizens refuse to admit.

  • Player characters and plots in general are best suited to operating in Kowloon or another special zone

Composed of perhaps a dozen worlds that are closely allied together, The Interstellar Alliance is one of the largest free groups of space-faring humans. Though technologically less advanced in comparison to some of its neighbors, it is an underdog which has managed to carve out an existence for itself through hard work and sacrifice, establishing itself as a major power within the region. Due to its history, having been descended from the sister ship of the vessel stolen by the Taianese-to-be, relations with its much larger and more powerful neighbor, The Empire of Tai Pan, are typically frosty at best and strained at worse.

  • Characters hailing from a nation composed of humans that was traditionally at-odds with the catgirl empire are best off having a background from here
  • Characters who are humans with cybernetic add-ons are best suited for this faction

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