Very little is known about the origin of the Liang Plague of 2978 GSC. The plague started in the Tatya hini villages of Liang and quickly spread across the other humanoid populations of Liang to include some Taianese. Through quarantine and intensive decontamination procedures, Taianese Scientists were able to contain and eventually eradicate the disease.

  • Empire of Tai Pan manufactured the plague to kill the tatya hini.
  • The tatya hini utilized magic to manufacture a disease to kill the Taianese but it backfired and killed the tatya hini instead.
  • The minya hinya within Liang saw the conflict between the tatya hini and the other species of Liang and started a disease to punish the tatya hini for taking up arms once again.
  • A new species made contact with the tatya hini and infected them with the disease which spread through the primitive villages of Liang but could not overcome the technological safety barriers of the Taianese cities.
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