The Song

OOC Notes

  • “It's a power grid like the Word except the magic is more sympathetic so it doesn't strip the area of power like using the Word does. It requires more components to do stuff but it more elemental for that reason. Magic users hear the pulse of the planet like music versus a whispering or unintelligible words.” - Kim
  • “So you need some air moisture or a container of water for water magic Something to feed a fire for fire magic You need something of the element to use the Song and elf lineage somewhere in the line. No matter how small Elves should have bred into the humanoid lines of Liang. They do have Embers there too I have my write up on the Word and Embers. Embers use the Word but they are the power source, so it's more energy magic. Absorption, reflection, transferrence for different effects. They always absorb” - Kim
  • “Jord is a power plant. The Word the power grid that fuels all life. Using magic is pulling energy from that system and forcing it somewhere else. So you are stripping the life energy of the planet to do most magic on Jord if you are not feeling the effects yourself (There are exceptions). ” - Kim
  • The Song uses more of the user's life energy to do things. If you use the Song to make it rain, you are focusing you energy into altering the existing moisture in the air. If you are using the Word, you are forcing the system to rewrite the code in that region” - Kim
  • “Is that enough info for you to write up the Song? It's more about altering the elements of things that are already there in the environment instead of just hacking reality and forcing it to do something unnatural. You can still make the Song do unnatural things, it is just much harder and requires a lot of power.” - Kim
  • “Bhelith folds life energy from those weird stag things into magic weapons to do overt magical effects and pulls energy through her bonds with people to fuel her magic.” - Kim
  • “I suspect bloodlines would be monitored.” - Kim
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