Bu Qi Nomad Fleet

The BQNF are inter-dimensional invaders a mysterious alien military force that suddenly appeared within the Xeno Zone and have made limited incursions into surrounding space for some time. Their operatives and outcasts occasionally drift around the galaxy causing trouble and bringing a poor reputation to themselves.

While their technology does not appear greatly more advanced or primitive to most other nations, it is in novel application of technologies and engineering principles that Bu Qi technology excels.

Battle Group Saxon

Operation Wolfdog

Battle Group Mongol


Operation Night Shield

  • BVS Pugnacious IV


Battle Group Visigoth

Operation Southern Sword

Personal Weapons

Vehicle Weapons

Starship Weapons

Ground Vehicles



Insidious Influence

“Learn. Coerce. Control.”

While force build-up is still in effect, it is much easier to establish or coerce existing native governments to their own uses through bribery, threats, or promises of support. Expanding their influence also increases their own intelligence and military capacity allowing them to recruit native spies for their own purposes.

Masquerade Warfare

“All war is deception. When they think we are in front of them, we are behind them. When they think we are weak, we are strong. When they think we are few, we are legion. Everyone and everything can be manipulated into usefulness, even if only as a ruse or a diversion.”

Every since their arrival in amidst the chaos of the Xeno Wars after the Black Out, the Bu Qi have taken great pains to keep their organized presence masked and undetected, all the while working towards their strategic goals with patience. Such methods extend right from the top of their organization to the bottom.

False-flag attacks, a word changed there, the right person put there, a government overturned to one more friendly to themselves, all things can be turned to an advantage at some point with patience and time. Bu Qi have both.

Overwhelming Fire

“Level the playing field.”

Some threats are just not worth risking the highly limited number of operators or the deniable auxiliaries to execute, often it is much less risky to simply obliterate the target and prevent it being a future problem, regardless of collateral damage. Operators must be spared for missions that truly require their skills. If Bu Qi forces are about to lose the field, that too is a good time.

Razor Corps

“Insert pretentious quote here.” Razor Corps refers to light Bu Qi forces designed for rapid deployment and mobility in low troop density combat, perfect for dealing with brushfire scenarios that require direct intervention quickly without large logistical needs. What these units lack in overwhelming force, with minimal armored or heavy artillery assets, they counter with a high degree of tactical mobility. Able to strike rapidly and from many points while harassing the lines of communication of heavier enemy forces, indeed, the entire corps except for their tank support are air mobile in medium dropships.

Color Coded Clips

“With the unlimited diversity of opposing forces, it's impossible to adequately equip our forces for every conceivable situation, instead we must make sure that such equipment is made available to them at extremely short notice.”

Through the use of fit-for-purpose weapons and logistical structure, Bu Qi troops are able to quickly resupply equipment for whatever task may emerge in the battlespace. Use of the Pickup Truck supply model, as well as orbital dropped supply pods and other methods allow troops to gain quick access to anything they may need in the field without necessarily having to carry a weapon for every situation with them.

The Forest of Sound

“If you cannot be silent, create a forest of sound.”

With a barrage of noise and counter-intelligence measures, Bu Qi forces attempt to disrupt and overwhelm opponents in a state of confusion before a real fight can begin. Decoys, target saturation, and electronic counter-measures only form a part of this strategy.

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