BQ-XDM-1 Fire Ant

The Fire Ant is a self-propelled explosive used in traps or thrown into direct combat to provide a combat hazard for enemy forces by either laying in wait, or actively roaming after enemy combatants. Loaded with directional explosives.

The Fire Ant is deployed as a tea saucer shaped, inch deep device with three serrations. The top has a small handle with three clear panels. The bottom is unremarkable bare some alien print. The only part of which has been translated reads “ALL DIRECTIONS TOWARDS ENEMY”. It is most often painted a dull red color as default.

The Fire Ant provides not only a hazard for enemies, but once activated forms part of the data network available to friendly forces, allowing its sensors to become part of the eyes of the army. When activated the three serrations on the outside of the dish articulate into legs for propulsion, along with a basic anti-grav system.

Able to move at 80kmph, the Fire Ant can quickly approach enemy forces from an extremely low-profile angle before jumping up to make sure it's explosive ordinance hits for maximum effect.

Fire Ants can be deployed singly as a low-impact weapon to distract, disorientate, or disrupt enemy shields for a follow-up attack of flanking move.

Deployed in mass is how the Fire Ant really excels, as it is both deployable from the ground, air, or other munition. Meaning large numbers of them can be scattered cheaply over a wide area to present a navigational hazard for any forces attempt to traverse the beaten ground.

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