Gartagen Union

The Gartagen Union is dominant ruling body in the Shara system.

The government is a major part of Gartagen life. Unlike many species whose bickering countries formed a unified government through mostly peaceful processes, the Gartagen species unified their race through a long and bloody war which culminated in the invention of nuclear weapons, these weapons though few in number at the time were used to great effect and brought the other governments heel. The new world government was essentially a semi-benevolent dictatorship, ruling mostly by force.

As in most governments’ administrative difficulties and other such issues occurred, and thus allowed the government to evolve into its present form, with the dictator first developing a council of trusted advisers and later generations making a council of elected advisors so as to better get the opinions of the people of the planet.

The Dictator, A.K.A the Emperor, is the most important person on Gartaga or in the Gartagen government. The Emperors are responsible for pretty much everything in the Gartagen Government, and has the ultimate say in every situation, be it military or domestic. The previous Emperor was killed during an insurrection 3008.

The incumbent ruler is Aunsla M'iusht Vishta.

Supreme rulers are taken from their parents at early ages. Their parents are usually trusted and highly intelligent individuals, usually in high places of Gartagen society, and selection for leadership training is usually considered an honor and a chance to elevate the candidates family. The training is overseen by the current supreme ruler, who eventually chooses a successor among the trainees, then slowly retires, allowing their successor to slowly take on more and more responsibilities.

Those who are not chosen are either given very important roles in the government, released into the streets with enough money to start a small business, or put to death, depending on their relationship with the successor.

Contingency Plan

In the event of the untimely death of the Dictator, the successor will immediately take his place, while receiving guidance from the Regional Council. If both successor and Dictator are killed, the living Dictator would have created a list from his pool of candidates, and the runner up will immediately fill in. The pool of candidates can be up wards of over fifty individuals (male and female) making finding a new Dictator a rather simple task.

The Council of Trusted Advisors runs on a meritocratic basis. Each member of the council is selected to advise the Supreme Commander and the Council of Regional Advisors on one specific area of expertise. The areas of expertise are chosen by the Dictator, and it's frequently the most skilled in that area who are offered jobs in the Council of Trusted Advisors. Each advisor is in charge of their field and may carry out the Dictator's orders as they see fit and offers advice when requested, however they do not get to pass plans directly.

  • Scientific Advisor
  • Ground Based Military Advisor
  • Sociological Advisor
  • Medical Advisor
  • Environmental Advisor
  • CORE Advisor
  • Economic Advisor
  • General Science Advisor
  • Engineering Advisor
  • Weapon Development Advisor
  • Applied Technology Advisor
  • Urban Planning Advisor
  • Orbital Advisor
  • Space Advisor
  • Cultural Advisor
  • Colonial Advisor
  • Religious Advisor
  • Public Morals Advisor
  • Military Advisor
  • Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Warfare Advisor
  • Special Arms and Tactics Advisor
  • Labor Advisor
  • Energy Advisor
  • Recreation and Celebration Advisor
  • Judicial/legal Advisor
  • Policing Advisor
  • Emergency/Disaster Advisor
  • Intelligence Advisor
  • Xenology Advisor
  • Diplomatic Advisor

Many prospective leaders who did not get selected often get placed in the Council of Regional Advisors. The Council of Regional Advisors is much like the House of Representatives. They are appointed by the Dictator after a careful selection process, and rule over various regions of the planet.

The Regional Advisors are allowed to make and implement bills over any subject that the Supreme Commander has not ordered them to keep their hands out of, however the Supreme Commander has ultimate say so over bills to be passed and implemented.

Mated pairs share positions of power.

Local Advisors support the regional advisors. At any one time a regional advisor has as many votes as local advisors voting for in his region minus the ones voting against him in his region. Each locale has a number of locale advisors put in place that depends on their population.

The Clan head council are typically the leaders of the Gartagen D’jashii, and operate as wild card when various proposals are being put up to pass. They are very similar to a senate in terms of how they function, in that they operate as a sober second thought to the main powers at work.

The Clans generally operate as almost separate governments with under the main government and are held in check by threat of annihilation from the Dictator. The clans existence is thanks largely in part to their independent wealth, and how many of them operate the industrial and economic infrastructure, and help maintain the balance by keeping the majority of the unaffiliated population working and thus in check.

Disagreements between the D’jashii are not unheard of, and such disagreements have often caused open conflict between the D’jashii, resulting in the deaths of hundreds.

For more information see Gartagen D'jashii

  • Structure of the Gartagen government?

The Gartagen union in its present state is Hierarchy, with the distribution of power growing more narrow at the top.

  • Civilian defense against the Government.

The Union Military is charged with protecting the general population from any threat, including if a mad dictator takes power. The Military is generally at the the service of the Leader and the government as a whole. In the event of a tyrannical situation, it would be up to the military to protect the people from the state. Many societies may find this strange as most alien military forces tend to threaten the population at the behest of the government. The Military is drawn from the people, and its leaders are exempt from political office.

  • Creation of Gartagen laws.

Laws are created and implemented by The Council of Regional Advisors. The Council of Regional advisors will typically write up laws, regulations, codes and edicts, and bring them before the leader and other members of the government for debate. If a law is needed it is then put into effect.

  • Gartagen Diplomacy

The Leader. The Leader will hand out instructions or delegate them to his Operatives, who will then carry out the Union's interests in diplomatic negotiations. These operatives have a variety of duties and can fulfill many roles. Their main objective is the Government's interests, and defending it.

  • Political climate on Gartaga?

While the government is essentially autocratic in nature, it is not abusive in its status. Rather the government in general views it self as a servant of the people. Insurgents and anti-government groups do exist, but they are few in number and pose little to no threat.

  • Taboos.

As a society the Gartagen race is rather diverse, and has hundreds of taboos depending on what region you are in. Insulting ones parentage or family may result in a Gartagen taking offense. Making promises and not keeping them is another. Lying can be admired, but conversely can be taken offensively as well. Gartagens are generally proud of their lineage, history, and culture and will protect it.

  • Racism

The Government officially does not discriminate against any Gartagen ethnicity, and any Gartagen regardless of sex, race, or creed can make an attempt to hold any position.

  • Corruption.

The Government it self tries to avoid being corruption, but it stands to reason that individuals are in the government who are indeed very corrupt and self serving. The individuals when discovered are treated harshly by their peers, so any corruption formed would need to be very carefully hidden from view of the Government it self.

  • Public Opinion of the Government

Gartagens can voice their views freely with out fear of being killed by a “secret police.” the Government has kept its word on making things better(A fact aided by much propaganda.) So most civilians are satisfied with the state. The Union is standing by its people, and the people are standing by their government.

  • Official titles.

Members of the military are addressed by their rank, even from civilians. Members of state are addressed by their positions, and civilians are often addressed by their professions.

  • Government Service.

The Government manages health care, education, scientific advancement, and is even dabbling in capitalism. Health Care and Education are generally free, as they are well funded and operated. The Government also goes to great lengths to aid the poor. It provides many more obscure services as well, including public information net work that any civilian may access.

* Taxes. The Gartagens converted their actual “money” to electronic credits long ago. Most Gartagens have an electronic bank account that is managed by “The Office of the Economic Trusted Advisor.” Taxes are taken from every purchase made by Gartagen civilians, giving the Union steady growth, as opposed to the hassle of harassing the population for large sums of money at the end of every standard year.

  • Size of The Gartagen Military.

Considering the Gartagens occupy one system, and is currently at peace, the Gartagen Union Solar Navy is not small. Compared to other space faring civilizations, The Union Navy is small and inexperienced. The Gartagen Union Army is quite massive, and has Millions of soldiers, machines, ready to defend their world. The Rapid Reaction Force has millions of troopers as well, but its numbers are a drop in the bucket when placed up against the Gartagen Union Army.

  • Military Recruiting

Joining the military is compulsory when a Gartagen reaches the age of 16 standard years old. They may choose which branch of the military they join however, but the Gartagen union.

  • Declaring War

The Military is responsible for declaring wars, but will often seek government support. Their mission is mainly to defend their world, and their people. They are not a political force to be used to invade other races and form and empire.

  • Citizens.

Anybody who is born on Gartaga, or in the Shara system, and is member of the Gartagen Race. This is more of an over-site then a general declaration. Further contact with aliens may see this changed to something more nebulous.

  • Citizens Rights

Gartagen Civilians enjoy basic rights, such as being able to speak freely, and pursue any interest that wish. Their is how ever no system of voting, and the judicial system is rather brutal.

  • Intelligence Agency.

Officially their is only fleet intelligence.

Gartagen Union
Homeworld Shara (Gartaga Prime)
Capital City C'tualkishaan(AK: Imperial City), (Gartaga Prime)
Cities of Importance City of Blades(Gartaga Prime ), City of Stars(Gartaga Prime)
Type of Government Autocratic
Date of Government EstablishmentEstablished GY 2221
Date of Global Domination GY 3003
Races Gartagens
Official Languages Gartagen
Current Year GY 3236
Population Statistics
Approx. Total Nation Population 64.07 Billion
Gender Distribution 53.5% Female 47.5% Male
Growth Rate 10.23%
GDP 433.27 Trillion Union Ducats
Consumer Index +9.7% from previous year
Unemployment 3%
Updated 10-07-2012

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