Gartagen Character Creation Guide

This Guide will teach you how to create a Gartagen character for use in roleplay! We'll try to keep this as simple and easy as possible, but should you have any questions, ask on the forums!

Creating a Gartagen is simple and easy. At the conclusion of this Guide, you should be able to make a Gartagen character. If you have any questions let Tonytonitone know in the discord!

This guide will help guide a player in creating a Gartagen Character.


Gartagens tend to have harsh sounding names. Common Gartagen consonants are the 'k', 'j', 'd', 'g', 't' and 'v'. If a comparison had to be given about how the Gartagen language sounds, it would be that of a mixture of Russian and some kind of inverse Spanish.

As all nouns in the Gartagen language have an attributed gender, the given name is masculine or feminine depending on the vowels that dominate the name. Male names have a strong presence of the vowels 'a', 'i' and 'ee' and they usually end with the letters '-ia, -a, -am, -is, -i, -ee, -as, -es'. Female names have a strong presence of the vowels 'e', 'o' and 'u' and they usually end with the letters '-o, -el, -os, -ud, -e, -u, -on, -ev'. The given name's gender should match the gender of the Gartagen. Family names are allowed to differ, as well as clan/trade names.

Gartagens will generally have two names. A family name and a given name, in that order. The family name is generally more formal and is used professionally, while the given name is usually the personal designation and is commonly used by family and friends. A third name is usually placed to denote Gartagen D'jashii (clan) affiliation or often enough a job or trade. The family name is a long, extravagant name, which denotes lineage and honor to the family. The given name is usually simple sounding and more often than not has one syllable. Finally, the third name is that of a clan or a given trade which the Gartagen specializes in, and is put before both the family name and the given name.

Male Name Examples
D'jashii/Trade Names Family Name Given Name
Shar Kunidejar Eesis
Bithut Gantujiin Kikia
Viras Palmatar Iree
A'songaoo Nyidijik Ami
Ungeka Kenbaup Dies
Sutuk Tutasevek Vuujas
Krattar Mortanes Miniya
Jaktente Toatoket Tam
Female Name Examples
D'jashii/Trade Names Family Name Given Name
Ghijai Guuritovo Ostel
Padtobok Voelburks Ju
Virar R'asguurk Utos
Kamvol Kantovursk Eo
Gibias Martiniv Taleon
Ishrir Otanenko Keu
D'eldekant Vuriska Embev
Montemar Benteleiv Aud

Other Examples

Hinsrilga Tam - Male
Mataxis Aud - Female
A’soongao Kantovursk Embev - Female
Ishrir Yenskavin Ria - Male


Gartagens can live to be roughly 100 years old. They generally age as normally expected.


Traditionally male and female can both be called warrior or soldier within Gartagen society. There are Male-specific tasks that are socially appropriate, as well as Female specific tasks. But bigotry based on gender is rare.


Chances are you grew up with all of your aunts uncles, their children and your siblings sleeping in the building. Gartagen have tight-knit families, so feel free to write letters home, and invent little stories of your character’s childhood experiences. Some Gartagens grew up orphaned or even came from affluent backgrounds.


You can find employment within the Gartagen Military, or you can try to seek out life on your own. You can work as a civilian for the government too.


Gartagen males are usually around 4'6” to 5’5” Females are around 4'3 to 5'2“, of course oddities to occur.


Males are in the mid 100’s females are generally 70-lower 100’s

Skin color

Gartagen skin tones are generally rather flamboyant, in that they are pastel in nature. Greens, blues, pinks, reds are all fairly common.

Facial features

Gartagen faces are not all that dissimilar from that of humans, including the same amount of individualism, and considering ethnic groups.


Gartagen Hair is set of thick dreadlock-like tendrils that are leathery to the touch. The male tendrils generally tend to be thicker, and female tendrils are skinnier. The texture and look very to the individual and the overall style that you can come up with.

There are three types common types of Gartagen hair and one subtype that can occasionally be applied

Soft hair: This hair is similar to very thick human hair. common Hard Hair: this hair is much like quills or spines. common Normal hair: Very Common. This hair is soft along most of the length but is tipped with hard spines designed to break off in other creatures.

Mobile: This hair can move under semi-conscious control. it lacks strength and a rigid structure. It might be able to pull a trigger, but it cannot aim a gun. It might be able to lift a key, but it probably can't turn one in a lock. It probably cannot press a button. Uncommon.

Hands and Feet

Gartagens walk directly on the toes and have introverted legs, he feet have two thick toes. The hands each sport two prehensile digits, and a thick powerful thumb for grasping. The digits sport a set of matching hook like talons, designed for holding or slashing. These talons are found on both the fingers, thumbs and toes.


Gartagen eyes are cat-like in appearance, giving them better vision during dusk hours. Gartagens do have a colored vision, however when it is dark they see in black and white, in addition, they have excellent depth perception and are drawn to movement. As far as colors of the actual eyes go, again they can vary, but the iris tends to take on a solid vibrant color, such as emerald green, sea blue, fire engine red, etc.


Gartagens have thick prehensile tails.


Gartagens fancy jewelry in the form of bracelets, necklaces, and rings that fit around the tail and the hair for ornaments. They do body piercings as well, and tattoos are very interwoven into the culture. A Gartagen will often have a tattoo related to his family or to his job someplace in open view.

Gartagen personalities for the most part generic. They enjoy humor, they get angry and they get sad. One of the most important aspects is Imprinting. Gartagen is very social creatures and bond with each other over time. This means if you are a Gartagen male, and you have a Gartagen woman, and you hear him say to her “I can not live without you.” He isn’t joking or being mushy. A Gartagen will psychologically break down and die if his bonded partner dies.

Military units and ship crew experience this bonding to a lesser degree, but they in a sense become your new family. Gartagens get close, so be ready to get very social.


Depends on the individual


Depends on the individual.

Your History

Chances are you grew up in the vast ghettos of a Gartagen City. You lived with all your relative close by. You remember frolicking through the dusty streets playing games with your friends and family. Your Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles were probably fiercely protective of you and did indeed love you very much. The school was probably hard and tough. Military Training was hell but you managed to survive. You could have grown up to a wealthy family and lived a much more affluent life. Gartaga is a large world, and the player is free to come up with his/her own origins. It should be noted that all Gartagens would have been born in the Shara star system.


Gartagens will generally try to “better their family’s standing” by joining one of the military’s branches. The most prestigious way to advance ones self is by becoming a warrior. However, most any profession is available to a Gartagen.

Currently, the Gartagen Union is gearing up for a colony drive. The need for teachers, warriors, engineers, construction workers, and scientists of all fields has never been higher.

Naturally, the most exciting way of employment is through almost any means.

This is inventory if your character is a member of the Gartagen Union Solar Navy.


This is the inventory if your character is a member of the Rapid Reaction Force

(It should be noted you would have equipment relevant to your profession)

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