The Interstellar Alliance

The Interstellar Alliance is exactly what it claims to be; an alliance of a dozen Human populated systems that originated from Sol.

Though composed of several unique and independent system-states and the like, they are closely tied together both diplomatically and by their origin, being descended from the colonists of the UESS Pioneer colony vessel that miss-jumped across time and space from Earth. Although it has only existed for a short time compared to the other star nations in the area it has found itself within, the Alliance has grown and evolved quickly, establishing it's self as a major galactic power in the local interstellar community. Though not quite as technologically advanced as the other descendants of earth, the Empire of Tai Pan, the inquisitive yet stalwart nature of humanity and its unwillingness to quit has ensured its place in the region.

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Interstellar Alliance
Capital Landfall City, Planet Eden
Species Human
Official Languages English
Currency None
Current Year 3019gsc
Type of Government Federation
President John Sheridan
Vice President Susan Ivonova
Capital City Landfall City
Date of Government Establishment 2920
Approx. Total Nation Population Billions

The Interstellar Alliance was founded in 2920 with the signing of the Articles of Alliance between the colonies established by humans from the Pioneer colony vessel.

History of the UESS Pioneer

Timeline and History of the Interstellar Alliance

The Interstellar Alliance is a federation of human colonies allied under a single central government for their common benefit, while each individual colony world retains it's own independent local government. The central government is organized into a senate based on the capital world of Eden, comprised of representatives of each member world or system. The Interstellar Alliance government is headed by a President and Vice President, who are elected every four years and may serve a maximum of two terms in office.

The Senate is housed at Landfall City, the designated capital of the Interstellar Alliance and the initial world colonized by the UESS Pioneer. Each member world is represented by two senators, an elder senator and a junior senator. These senators and other elected officials work to create policy and operate the Alliance government, primarily focusing on overall well being, defense and trade among the member worlds, while individual planetary governance is overseen by the local governments.

As a closely tied coalition between several human controlled systems, the individual system-state members of the Alliance have their own standing armed forces for self defense, their equipment and armament varying from one to the other. However, the Alliance additionally maintains a collective military composed of personnel and resources from all system-states, standardized in equipment and pooled together for their collective defense.

The Alliance Military itself is divided into three sub-branches. First is their navy, which operates as the primary force for policing and protecting Alliance space, as well as functioning as the main offensive spearhead. Second, is their Marines, which function as shipboard soldiers and a rapid assault force. The third is the Army, the main planetary based defense force and secondary assault and occupation force. All three sub-branches have their own command structure, which then reports to the Alliance Military Command, which is headed up by a Supreme Commander, who is promoted from one of the branches as an overseeing operational commander of all armed forces.

The Interstellar Alliance is made up of 12 primary star systems, as well as a number of less populous territories.

The Interstellar Alliance is comprised of a total of 12 star systems and their surrounding territories.

  • Alpinia system
  • Belfort System
  • Cascadia system
  • Catalonia system
  • Eden system
  • Hyperion system
  • New Britain system
  • Normandy system
  • Orion system
  • Pacifica system
  • Washington system
  • Yamato system

Outside of the main 12 star systems are other smaller territories that the Alliance administers. These are much smaller in scale than the Major Star Systems and often are just small outposts with little in the way of population.

The Interstellar Alliance is was originally founded by colonists from the UESS Pioneer. This ship was full of engineers, hard workers, and scientists looking to make a new home for humanity. Their progressive ideals and science-minded attitudes as led to a very open, results-driven, society focused on improving the well-being of all its citizens.

Though it has been nearly 200 years since the UESS Pioneer set out on its original journey, at least from the perspective of the crew, the frontier spirit is still quite alive. Many in the Alliance still view it as their duty to help others, and to help further the Alliance as a whole. Many are driven towards high-minded endeavors in STEM fields such as medicine, geo-engineering, and exo-biology.

The UESS Pioneer only carried with it 5 million colonists in addition to its crew. Spread between 12 planets, this has led to a small population having ample resources and a serious lack of personal to make use of them. Thanks to artificial wombs, genetic screening, fertility technology and general advances in medical technology it is easy for couples to postpone pregnancy or have a machine carry the child to term. Even couples who can not normally bear children can opt to have them created through genetic engineering and an artificial womb. There are financial incentives for having children, and free childcare makes raising children as stress free as possible. The focus on large families has resulted in average household sizes of 5+ throughout the Alliance.

The Interstellar Alliance is on its way to becoming a totally post scarcity society with the invention of the Matter Synthesizer. With it's introduction the general populaces need for food, clothing, shelter and anything else that would have once required money has become a thing of the past. Rather than money, the Alliance now uses reputation as the personal currency of it's citizens. Ones efforts and deeds towards the betterment of the the Alliance society as a whole determine the wealth of a person now in the eyes of the Alliance. While currency is no longer a thing within the Alliance, the government still trades with other nations in the form of materiel, directly trading raw materiel that can be synthesized or collected in more standard ways for items and materiel that cannot be created by the matter synthesizers.

All households within the Alliance are provided with a matter synthesis device, a self contained government owned and maintained unit that allows all occupants within the household to synthesize any basic items they need, from food to clothing to computers and other simple machines. More complex or larger items can be created at any number of local large scale or industrial scale centers provided at all community hubs.

The continued existence of corporate entities within the Alliance is a subject of some debate within Alliance society and the government. Many of these companies are paid in raw materiel by the government to construct equipment, robots and vehicles for the military and exploratory services and civilians in lieu of the Alliance government doing this themselves. These companies do sell too and trade with neighboring star nations and use the currencies they acquire from this foreign business to purchase rare materiel from foreign countries that are not available within the alliance.

While the Interstellar Alliance provides healthcare, food, and living space, it still operates a free market economy. Citizens of the alliance are free to pursue their own goals, or put their efforts towards private enterprise.

The the Interstellar Alliance's technology is highly advanced, allowing for interstellar travel, eradication of disease, and the elimination of malnutrition, it is still a relative newcomer on the galactic stage. While their capabilities are constantly improving, their technology is equivalent in comparison to that of the sleek and sharp Empire of Tai Pan or the forever enduring Gartagen Union

  • Propulsion and Power Technology
    • Sublight Propulsion
    • Hyperspace Drive
  • Defensive Systems Technology
    • Deflector Shield
    • Hull Armor
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