LR2970 Laser Rifle

The LR2970 laser rifle has been the standard issue rifle used by the Alliance military since it's introduction in 2970. The rifle was designed by Blackbird Heavy Industries

Developed by Blackbird Heavy Industries for the Alliance military as a replacement for their aging LR2901/M2 and LR2922/M laser rifles as the standard issue military rifle.

The LR2970 has a smooth rounded appearance. It is a moderate sized rifle with a thick protective housing over its internal assembly. The weapon has a set of controls and displays for power and beam width setting, atop of the weapon, as well as a trigger in the usual location at the front of the grip, behind a trigger guard.

LR2970/M Alliance Military Service Rifle
Art by Gunsight1

The LR2970 is simple to operate and has several useful features, including a scaled power setting from Low (stun), to High (Disrupt) which is divided into six levels.

  • Level 1: Stun: Setting will incapacitate most humanoid life forms for 1 hour and resistant bioforms for at least 15 minutes
  • Level 2: Thermal Effect: humanoids experience extensive epidermal trauma. Structural materials exhibit visible thermal shock. Discharges of longer than five seconds produce deep heat storage effects within metal alloys
  • Level 3: Disruption Effect: Both organic and structural materiel suffer severe molecular damage effects
  • Level 4: Disruption Effect: Organic tissue damage causes immediate cessation of life processes, since disruption effect becomes widespread. All unprotected matter is affected and penetrated to a depth dependent on length of time exposed to beam.
  • Level 5: Disruption Effect Vaporize: Cascading disruption forces causes organic matter to vaporize. Un-shielded structural materiel suffers severe thermal damage and with extended exposure to beam will cause matter to dissociate rapidly. Moderate geological displacement
  • Level 6: Explosive/Disruption: Shielded matter suffers severe thermal and mechanical damage depending on time exposed to beam. Unshielded materiel explosively uncoupled as atomic bonds are broken. Heavy geological displacement

In addition to power settings, the LR2970 has a beam width control, which can be used to adjust spread output of the weapons beam from narrow beam, to a wide cone. This setting does effect the range of the weapon, as the wide settings will cause the beam to dissipate rapidly.

  • LR2970/M: Used by all branches of the Interstellar Alliance Military as well as it's government. Entered service within the Alliance military after 2 years of testing in 2972, soon replacing previous models of standard rifles in military and government service.
  • Optional fore grip

  • Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic
  • Effective Range: 300 Meters
  • Damage: Dependent on setting.
  • Beam Appearance: Blue white beam or pulse dependent on setting
  • Muzzle Blast/Noise: Loud
  • Ammunition: Replaceable power cell in stock and can also accept multiple ofthe cb-28x30 Power Cell in a special adapter
  • Capacity: Dependent on power setting, 500 at low, 100 at high

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