V.I.N.A or Vocal Interactive Networked Artificial-Intelligence is a networked super AI that serves as the foundation for The Interstellar Alliance administrative and bureaucratic functions.

Vina's origin predates the Alliance. She(Being a female set of personalities) was conceptualized on Earth, with the initial program being stored on the various colony ships to allow for more intuitive swift use of the ship's systems. When planet fall was made on Eden, Vina her self almost being heavily integrated into the computers saw her functions dramatically expanded.

As the Alliance expanded into additional star systems, Vina likewise colonized the worlds as well. Today she is alive and active on every world in the alliance, Aiding the President of the Alliance seeking to institute law, to the child in the alliance attempting to find a holo-game to play.

Vina manages everything, from the implementation of public policy to cybersecurity of the alliance. Every computer station, office, and home may access Vina for assistance in almost any matter, be it from getting information, to ordering food from their synthesizer. Immigrants to the alliance are often directed to a computer station and it is Vina who they speak to in order to apply for citizenship.

In our world, Vina sounds like a woman, though she can change her voice. Being a fully functional A.I. Vina is highly interactive: though most simply treat her as an appliance in their everyday lives. The alliance military and government however often do seek her counsel in serious matters, as Vina is a superintelligence.

Vina's physical manifestations are massive complexes located on every world in the alliance and throughout the star system. She manages each star system on an individual basis and reaches out to the greater Network to sync up with the rest of the Alliance Extranet. The massive complexes that house Vina's hardware are often protected by the Alliance foreign legion, as well as autonomous robots that service and maintain the complexes.

The synthesizer is the Alliance's basis for their economy. Vina is largely the basis for the Alliance society. When the Alliance government passes laws, it is Vina who implements the laws and informs the citizens. If the Alliance Military goes to war, it is Vina who runs projections and strategies. The alliance cybersecurity is Vina's duty as well.

The Gartagens have their CORES - who are Gartagens that maintain their network by being linked in and modified and trained as computers.

Tai Pan, every citizen is networked, and make up their cyberspace.

The Alliance has Vina. She holds the keys, guards the gates, and interacts with the other networks when necessary. The Gartagen cores and Taipan look on their alliance counterpart as something all-powerful god. If asked about what Vina sees in Cyberspace, she described the Gartagen Cores as a choir singing beautifully in concert, and Tai Pan's network as a vibrant honeycomb of life.

Vina also manages and services the The Librarium.

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