Interstellar Alliance Foreign Legion

The Interstellar Alliance Foreign Legion is a military service branch of the Alliance Military established in 2792. The Legionnaires comprising the IAFL are highly trained infantry soldiers and the Legion is unique in that it is open to all and any foreign and alien recruits willing to serve in the Alliance Military.


The Alliance Foreign Legion was created by French Foreign Legionnaires attached to the UN military presence for the colony mission that founded the alliance. As the new government formed, The military units began forming the core branches of the then new Alliance Military. The Legionnaires maintained many of the military traditions of the old French Foreign legion. This includes rank, dress, and traditions. The IAFL has appeared in every major engagement or crisis and has since served with distinction.

The ISAF keeps with the traditions of the Old French Foreign Legion. They, unlike many parts of the Alliance military, will accept all and anyone, save criminals of an extreme nature. The IAFL prides itself on being the first ones in, and the last ones out of any situation. From the outside, they sport the image of a rough and tough group of elites. A collection of vagabonds, bandits, and criminals, defending the population of the alliance no matter what the cost.

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