Matter Synthesizer

“Matter Synthesizer” is a catch-all term used in the The Interstellar Alliance for a suite of technologies used for on-demand creation and delivery of goods.

While some of these technologies are common-place, others are closely held secrets of the Interstellar Alliance for good reason. The Matter Synthesizer network is a very powerful tool, and has become the foundation of Alliance society.

Anyone can approach a Matter Synthesizer and request an item. If they are cleared to own such an item, the Matter Synthesizer will provide it to them, usually within a few seconds. If the user is disallowed from having the object they requested, or if delivery to the user will take more than a few seconds, a helpful audio dialog will be established with the user to explain the delay and how it will be rectified.

Though the Matter Synthesizer the individual user may not be able to create the requested object (Or even create objects at all!) the network will do its best to keep up the illusion that this is the case.

The Matter Synthesizer network is made up of a suite of different technologies and the individual Matter Synthesizers themselves are no different.

Creating a block of lead is a far easier task that creating complex molecules. Similarly, creating complex molecules is a far easier task than creating DNA, cells, or biological material. Similarly it takes far more time for a complex object to be created than a simple object. Each Matter Synthesizer is rated in terms of assembly resolution and print speed, though they are usually referred to by their grade.

A materials-grade Matter Synthesizer may be present in a family's garage, capable of quickly creating tools or electronics from pre-existing stocks of carbon, metals, and sometimes pre-built objects like batteries or advanced computer chips. Inside of a kitchen, a citizen might make use of a food-grade matter Synthesizer that can put together a well cooked cut of beef from pre-existing protein stock. Entire properly-cooked meals, confectioneries, pastries, and other less savory items such as cigars can be produced from these Synthesizers using pre-existing stocks of materials. More capable Matter Synthesizers may only take seconds to put together a small meal while less advanced ones could take minutes to hours.

Medical-Grade matter synthesizers also exist, capable of producing even live cells. These are some of the most complex and energy intensive matter synthesizers in the Alliance and are generally found in research facilities that need complex chemicals or materials, inside of medical facilities for healing Alliance citizens, or at special events. The most advanced of Medical-Grade matter synthesizers are truly amazing, able to rapidly remove and replace injuries with fresh tissue identical to the host bodies.

Competition between the best Chefs of the Interstellar Alliance and the best programmers/engineers behind the Matter Synthesizer over who can make a better steak is an ongoing competition. Many in the Alliance are divided over this matter.

Some Matter-Synthesizers, usually of the medical grade, are fully Synthesis enabled: meaning they can produce matter from energy. This is an extremely energy intensive process and a closely guarded Alliance technology. Often times there are specific fully Synthesis Enabled Matter Synthesizers that provide specialized materials to other less-advanced Matter Synthesizers near it.

Similar to full synthesis machines, there are also transmutation machines that are capable of converting elements of one type to another type. This can also be an energy intensive process, and is difficult to do in large quantities. Most home-matter-synthesizers are supported by larger transmutation engines that keep raw materials supplied.

Grades of Matter-Synthesizer
Additional Abilities
Assembly Only
Transmutation Enabled
Full Synthesis Enabled

The Infrastructure of the Interstellar Alliance and the Infrastructure of the Matter Synthesizer are essentially the same thing. The footprint of the Matter Synthesizer network extends virtually everywhere from governance, to manufacturing, energy production, and citizens personal lives.

The Matter Synthesizer keeps logs of what items are being requested, and monitors various data-feeds ranging from user's personal devices to publicly enabled sensors. This data is used to predict what items will be requested, establish usage patterns, and self-optimize the logistics of the network.

The Matter Synthesizer network draws power from anywhere it can. In most star systems this is from planetary energy-production projects, though it is common for many star systems to have orbital power collection satellites that are continuously being deployed into orbit around star systems. The specifics vary greatly between star systems.

Matter Synthesizer can be used for recycling, though reclaiming power from objects placed into the replicator generally isn't possible due to the energy requirements of disassembly, storage, and the costs of computational power to disassemble an object. Specific energy modules or storage takes of specific gasses specifically designed for this task can be used to power an isolated Matter Synthesizer.

Not all Matter Synthesizers can produce all objects, though this is generally not a problem that is felt by the users of the system. The network itself will attempt to predict what items will be requested, and stage these objects as close to the users that might use them as possible. The most common usage of this is to have a food-grade replicator produce drinks or food moments before they are requested at a food-grade Matter Synthesizer. Drones then move the items to the materials-grade Matter Synthesizer, allowing it to 'produce' the item on demand. Similar tricks such as forward staging and pre-production are used to hide the creation time of items from end users.

Though end-users are often used to requesting items from the Matter Synthesizer itself, even this isn't necessary. Requests entered by Datapad, or even overheard verbally, can be filled by Matter Synthesizers creating delivery drones that can bring the requested item to the individual even when they are away from a Matter Synthesizer.

While logistics had generally been the responsibility of individual worlds, over the last 40 years the Matter Synthesizer network has largely taken on this role itself. So long as energy and raw materials are provided somewhere inside of the network, drones and the network's own analytics will automatically transmute, convert, create, and stage materials to make for their most efficient use.

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