Marshal Corps of the Interstellar Alliance

The Marshal Corps is an independent government agency that was first created in the Year 2963 with the express purpose of extending the arm of the law beyond the borders of populated and/or well-policed areas. As an independent government agency the Marshal Corps has complete autonomy to operate as its Director deems fit under the direct supervision of the vice-president.

The Marshal Corps exists primarily to both to seek out and destroy seeds of corruption throughout the Interstellar Alliance's ever-expanding government as well as to provide law enforcement on even the very fringe of Alliance territory.

The Marshal takes only already capable and experienced applicants (with few exceptions), however, applicants are put through an in-depth course in Alliance law, unless they already have a background in such- The Corps has no time for redundancy.

The requirements to become a Marshal are very high both physically and mentally, each Marshal should easily be comparable to a Commando in way of combat capabilities. As of such, a military background -or equivalent- is required for all applicants, and a background serving with some form of special forces is preferred.

The face of the Marshal Corps, Deputy-Director Ellie MacIver, wearing Marshal Duster Coat and Badge


Marshals and Marshal Applicants must be proficient with at least one form of martial combat, as well as considered an expert with small arms (either Ballistic or Energy based) or Rifles of any kind.

Quick Draw

This is one of the few skills that Marshals are not expected to be proficient in until after training- As part of Marshal training each Deputy is trained in the art of the 'quick draw'. By the end of training, the newly appointed Marshal should be able to draw and fire their weapon with moderate accuracy in less than a second.


Marshals and Marshal Applicants must be able to proficiently read, write, and speak Common. All Marshals are expected to continue educating themselves in other languages.


Marshal Applicants are not required to have a background in law of any kind, though it is preferred. However, upon acceptance, all Marshals are required to have a high working knowledge of Alliance Law before they are allowed to work in the field.

Marshals are also expected to continue to educate themselves on Alliance Law as well as the laws of the local populace under their jurisdiction and keep up with any amendments for the entirety of their career as a Marshal.


Marshals and Marshal Applicants are required to be in peak physical condition, and as such not only are augmentations allowed, they are often encouraged.

Other Requirements

  • Applicants can have absolutely no criminal background
  • Humans and those with similar biology/aging Applicants can be no younger than Twenty years of age.

All applicants are subject to extensive background checks!

The Marshal Corps exists to keep the peace and keep the Alliance government free from corruption.

  • Ensure that the priorities of Alliance territories act in the best interest of the people they govern.
  • Enforce the laws of the Interstellar Alliance in otherwise un-policed areas of Alliance Space
  • Function as Internal Affairs.

“Watching the Watchmen; Out of sight, but always in mind.”

Though they are technically part o the Alliance's military force, they are a separate entity altogether- existing and functioning outside the established social and military structures.

The Marshal Corps as an organization answer only to the Director of the Corps and the current Vice-President. As such the only law enforcement that has the authority to hunt down 'rogue' marshals, or otherwise law-breaking marshals, are other marshals.

Consequently despite often being assigned to individual ships, stations, or ground bases the Commanding Officer of these has no real authority over any Marshal Personnel, so as to allow Marshals to perform investigations and unit wide audits without hindrance.

The Marshal Corps has their own, albeit simple, rank structure:

Director of the Marshal Corps- The Chief Marshal. The person that the Deputy Directors report to, and has control over the department as a whole.

The current Director of the Marshal Corps is Flora Fields

Deputy Director of the Marshal Corps- The people that all the Marshals report directly to. Each Deputy Director is in charge of a number of Sectors, and any marshals assigned to them.

A notable member of the board of Deputy Directors is Deputy Director MacIver

Marshal-Intendant- A Very Experienced Marshal who has proven themselves capable of both leadership in the field, extremely knowledgeable in even the specifics of Alliance Law, and competent enough for both administrative and field work. Marshal-Intendants have final say in all goings on within entire sectors.

Inspector- A special ranking denoting Marshals whose sole duty is investigating internal issues with both Alliance Military and Marshal Affairs. They are especially knowledgeable in Military law. Inspectors are often assigned in small numbers to Alliance Navy Fleets.

Note- If you plan on playing a character ranking Inspector or higher- please contact Noodles! Contact information is listed at the bottom of this page.

Marshal First-Class- Experienced Marshals tasked with wandering the fringes of Alliance space and/or alliance ships leaving Alliance space, rather than being assigned to a county or province. While in most cases they have no authority above other Marshals, they are reliable go-to sources for advice and may be assigned to keep track of a number of Marshals with less experience.

Marshal- Assigned to individual Companies. The number of which depends on the number of Free Companies, The size of each Free Company, Total Budget (Which in itself is dependent on the same, as well as outside factors such as The Senate). These Marshals act as both military police and internal affairs 'agents'.

Deputy Marshal- Marshals in training, often assigned to already experienced Marshals. They have absolutely no authority.

Rank Role Rank Pip Badge
Director of the Marshal Corps Chief Marshal
Deputy Director of the Marshal Corps Director's Administrative Assistants
Marshal Intendant Marshal Equivalent to a Staff Officer
Inspector Internal Affairs Agents
Marshal First-Class Marshal Equivalent to Field Officer
Marshal Military Law Enforcement
Deputy Marshal Trainee Marshal

With the amount of authority, a Marshal has a certain level of self-control and respect is expected from each and every Marshal. The Marshals are mediators at the best of times and peacekeeper at the worst. They are not a shadow organization, 'special-ops', or a death squad- and as such a Marshal should always look to solve any situation as peacefully as possible. Violence should only be used where it's due, and killing should almost always be avoided.

As such:

  • A Marshal never draws their weapon unless they are absolutely going to use it
  • When engaging in combat a Marshal's priority should be to disable- killing is absolutely a last resort saved for extreme situations where lives are in imminent danger.
  • A Marshal always shows mercy if it is asked for.

“I am an Alliance Marshal; A Peace Officer. In becoming an Alliance Marshal I swear upon my own life to protect the free people of the Alliance from crime and corruption; to uphold the spirit of the law; to hold myself to the highest level of integrity; To set the example.

In this, I will not waver- upon my word as a Marshal.”

“I will hold myself to the highest integrity- My word is my bond. To break my word is to tarnish not only my own name but my country and its people's as well.

I will not lie to, steal from, nor cheat those who are honest and law-abiding.

I so swear upon my word as an Alliance Marshal.”

The Marshal Corps, despite being a military organization, has relatively relaxed uniform standards. Each Marshal is issued two duster coats, a badge, and several sets of rank pips- however, they are only required to wear the badge while on duty. As long as a Marshal's badge is proudly on display (and well kept) a Marshal may wear it on any outfit they deem 'practical' for fieldwork.

Despite these relaxed standards, it is recommended that a Marshals outfit can be classified as 'business casual', as one is unlikely to be taken seriously in a T-shirt and Jeans.

If a Marshal takes it upon themselves to wear any Military uniform- as appropriate- they are to follow the standard uniform requirements that apply to said uniform- however, in-lieu to standard Navy or Army rank insignia they are to wear their Marshal rank pips on their collar. The Marshal Duster Coat is considered a 'universal' uniform item, and may be worn over other uniforms as applicable- unless said uniform conflicts with the below requirements.

It is, however, required that a Marshal's uniform not be gaudy, or 'flashy', and it must be completely devoid of decoration or other 'fineries'- military or otherwise except a Marshal's badge and insignia. Any awards may be worn the day they are awarded, in the presence of foreign ambassadors (as deemed fit by a Deputy Director), or to any formal event where such wear is appropriate.

While Marshals have full access to any weapon authorized for military use in Asteria, there are very few items that are standard issue to each and every Marshal.

Each and every Marshal is issued:

Plain, but incredibly practical. Each Marshal is issued two dusters tailored to their own unique measurements, each one packed full of technology designed to protect and aid them in the field.

The Symbol of an Alliance Marshal's authority. A golden badge consisting of Asteria's rising-sun set on a circular base. This badge denotes you as the law.

To prove that you really are an Alliance Marshal, so as to allow you to conduct your investigations into areas restricted to the general public.

Several sets of Rank pips as appropriate to your current ranking within the Marshal Corps as well.

As stated earlier within the Marshal page the Marshals are not a shadow organization, 'special-ops', or a death squad of any sort. There are absolutely no exceptions to this. If your character has some massive kill count starting from the start of their career as a Marshal, chances are you're doing it wrong. It is okay for a Marshal to kill someone, it happens, not everyone can be talked down and/or stunned and arrested- especially working on the fringes of 'civilized' space.

The Marshal Corps is not the place for young and/or inexperienced characters. If your character is in the Marshal Corps they need to be reasonably competent. They don't have to be a super soldier or the 'best in their class' to get in, but they should at the very least be a step above your standard soldier or sailor.

Keep in mind that within a story Marshals have a lot of power! Unlike standard police they have every bit of authority to arrest and sentence on the spot- though generally, your character had best have a good reason for doing so. If you play a Marshal character poorly it's very easy to suck the fun out of a plot for other players, please be mindful of this! The Marshals act within the spirit of the law, not the direct wording, this makes applying the law very flexible for situations where a slap on the wrist makes more sense than the death sentence or throwing someone in prison to rot for the next twenty years.

There are lots of ways to play a Marshal, don't feel like you have to play one type of character just because your character is a Marshal. Marshals come from all walks of life- and while most are military some could have been high-profile private security, mercenaries, and even lawyers (in the case of Inspectors)! Your character can be a hardass that does, in fact, work by the rigid word of the law, or someone who would prefer to try to set someone back onto the straight and narrow and gives second chances- for example.

For those looking to play Marshal characters or use them as NPCs in a plot please contact Noodles @Bear Mom#7947 on Discord! This is entirely to keep up with numbers and Characters for bookkeeping reasons- Thanks!

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