Interstellar Alliance Navy Ship Colors and Markings

The Interstellar Alliance Navy has specific requirements for the coloration and marking of their starships. Following is an overview of hull coloration as well as what markings Alliance navy vessels are required to have and where these markings should be located on said vessel.

Alliance Navy ships have an overall two tone color scheme with accent stripes. The upper faces of the ship are painted in a medium blue, while the lower surfaces are colored in a very pale gray. Accent stripes are red.

ItemHex codeColor block
Hull upper facing color:#2169a4
Hull lower facing color:#e0e0e0
Hull accent stripe color:#c4141f

Alliance navy starships and small craft have a variety of hull markings to identify the vessel both in name, registry and affiliation. Thee examples below will show the type and arrangement of markings on starships, shuttlecraft and other types of vessels operated by the Alliance Navy.

  • A: Forward hull number placement
  • B: Aft hull number placement
  • C: Ships name and registry
  • D: Pennant stripe¹
  • E: Secondary ships name placement
  • F: Shuttle bay markings²

¹: All Alliance naval vessels bear a pennant stripe on both their port and starboard sides, comprising of a long white stripe following an arrow head and the fleet star emblem, with the following information printed on the stripe: *STARSHIP I.A.S. (ships name and registry) INTERSTELLAR ALLIANCE NAVY*

Unlabeled pennant for reference:

²: Alliance shuttle bay doors are marked with the following identifying information: *Bay and it's number, ships name and registry.*

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