Interstellar Alliance Navy Ship Naming Conventions

The Interstellar Alliance Navy has a preset system of naming conventions for various types of ships within it's service. While these conventions are not held to 100% of the time in some special circumstances, they are generally adhered too and considered a good rule to go by when naming an Alliance Navy ship.

  • Carriers: Many of the carriers in the Alliance Navy are named after historically important ships from old Earth, such as *IAS Ark Royal* and *IAS Enterprise*, while others are named after __
  • Battleships/Battlecruisers: Are named After systems or planets within the Alliance, example, the battleships *IAS Normandy* and *IAS Eden*
  • Cruisers: Are commonly named after either cities within the Alliance, example the cruiser *IAS Gaia* named after the capital city of Pacifica, or ancient figures from old Earth history or mythology , such as the cruiser *IAS Ballerophon*
  • Destroyers: Many destroyers in the Alliance Navy are named after landscape features such as mountains or rivers, or after ancient types of weapons, or important historical figures within the Alliance.
  • Frigates: Commonly named for either stellar phenomena, such as constellations or space objects, example the frigate *IAS Cygnus*
  • Corvettes: Commonly named after flying creatures such as *IAS Hawk* or important people in Alliance history
  • Patrol Craft: Small vessels such as patrol craft are not named officially, beyond their class name. They are so small and numerous that they are officially designated by their pennant number, but are nicknamed unofficially by their crews
  • Exploratory Cruisers: Often named after scientists or great authors of speculative fiction in old Earth history
  • Exploratory Frigates: Often named after great explorers from old Earth history, such as the *IAS Cousteau*
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