Warships & Support Vessels of the Interstellar Alliance Navy

The majority of the ships serving in the Interstellar Alliance Navy have their roots with the UESS Pioneer, and are either upgraded versions of star-ship designs from earth circa 2378 or are designs built with science and terraforming in mind. By the 2970's rising tensions with other nations in the sector resulted in an increased focus on developing combat-oriented starships.

  • Normandy class battleship (2990)
  • Catalonia class battleship (2957)
  • Republic class Battlecruiser (2932) *training ship
  • Hawk class Corvette
  • Osprey class Corvette
  • Shuttle
  • medium shuttle
  • large shuttle
  • cargo shuttle
  • Mk-III service pod
  • Mk-IIg cargo handling pod
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