Interstellar Alliance Navy Uniforms

The uniforms of the Interstellar Alliance Navy are simple and utilitarian. Made for comfort and durability, they have little in the way of decoration and embellishment. The standard uniform for both officers and enlisted personnel is comprised of a pair of durable work slacks, tall black boots and a thick long sleeve sweater shirt all in dark blue-gray. The only decoration is simple grey piping on the sleeves and colored tabs on the shoulders to denote department, addition to a rank plaque on the left breast of the uniform shirt. A standard brimmed soft cap is also worn by both officers and enlisted crew.

Optional to this, there is a sleeveless vest that can be worn over the uniform by all personnel, while officers also have the option of a formal uniform coat or a long cape as well that can be worn over the uniform top. The vest and coat also carry a duplicate rank plaque worn in the same location as where it is affixed to the uniform shirt, though the cape does not.

Flag officers of the Alliance Navy wear a similar uniform to that worn by regular officers, save for the change of strip on the uniform and cap to gold, in addition al all badges and belt buckle also being gold. The uniform shoulders also feature additional gold trim where one would expect epaulets.

Alliance Navy officer duty uniforms are comprised of a comfortable long sleeve ribbed top, pocketed work trousers, knee high boots, belt and cap. Additionally the uniform can be worn with an optional vest1), jacket2) or cape3) as pictured below. All Alliance Navy duty uniforms are worn with a rank pin on the left breast and feature a division color tab on both shoulders denoting the wearers division.

Standard Uniform with cap Uniform vest Uniform jacket

Enlisted Duty uniform

Flag Officer



Flag Officer Officer Enlisted

The Alliance Navy, as with other branches of the service, have additional equipment that can be worn in special situations, such as the adrian helmet, light armor vest and great coat pictured below. These are the same equipment used by all other branches of the Alliance military.

Light Armor Great Coat
ItemHex codeColor block
Uniform base #1d293a |
Accent stripe #929aa5 |
Flag accent stripe #f09b31 |
Badges and pins #899faa |
Belt and boots #262525 |
Armor and helmets #282c37 |

Uniform art by dandandb and James Lambly.

1) , 2)
New art forthcoming
Art forthcoming
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