The Alliance Citizen

The population of the The Interstellar Alliance is very diverse. This diversity is not limited to just their mindsets and professions, but to their form. Alliance citizens can quite literally be of any species or profession. The only limitation is commonality. Certain aliens, ideas, and professions may be uncommon but are these do not mean non-existent. You have the freedom to make your member of the Alliance be of any species, disposition, and profession that you can come up with.

As previously stated the Alliance has examples of every race. However, the most common species in the Alliance is a Human. Your average everyday human likely grew up with a mom and a dad and probably had brothers and sisters. The Alliance is not a capitalistic society, so worth for your character was not based on productivity but rather ability. The culture pushes people to do whatever it is they want to do that grants them fulfillment. Advanced education was free to all but optional. Alliance teenagers are encouraged to take on jobs they desire to do. It isn't considered bad to be unproductive, Alliance people strive to be the best at whatever it is they do and this exceptionalism is present in their society and upbringing. An example would be an alliance child really enjoys playing competitive video games, as he grows he aims to become the best at playing a particular game. If he is the best, he would receive recognition and thus be valued. This same logic applies to almost any profession including trades. Apprentices and mentors are likely common as experience are also deeply valued. The Alliance does not use currency or even have a GDP, so it could be said that reputation and experience is the Alliance's currency.

Another common sight in the Alliance is Aliens. The Alliance is a free and open society and aliens are legally afforded all the rights and privileges as their human counterparts. The Alliance has maintained an open border policy to alien immigrants and maintains a social safety network dedicated to ensuring that Alien citizens in the Alliance are comfortable, and cared for. The Average alien within the alliance would find he has rights, privileges, and expectations afforded with his or her or…it's citizenship. An alien immigrant's Citizenship is viewed as being no different than that of a human's.

Naturalizing alien immigrants is rather direct and straight forward. An alien who arrives at an Alliance checkpoint will immediately be offered two paths to citizenship. The first path to citizenship is joining the Interstellar Alliance Foreign Legion. On joining the legion the Alien and its', his, or her family gain immediate citizenship. Service Guarantees Citizenship. The second path is naturalization. Naturalizing simply requires living in the Alliance for three years and not committing a serious crime. Once that time is completed citizenship is assured.

Most aliens who come to the Alliance are assigned an Alliance Social Worker who keeps watching over the new addition to the alliance. This Social worker will make regular check-ups on their charge and act as an advocate, educator, and mentor. The goal of the social worker is to form a bond with the immigrant and aiding them in adapting to their new life. To clarify the Social Worker's stamp is used to grant naturalized citizenship. But a Social Worker's job is not to be a barrier but more like a guide. They take pride in their work and go through great effort to ensure all under their watch obtain citizenship. Those who volunteer for service often get a Social worker assigned for several years to aid in assimilation to Alliance society. To be clear the Alliance Social worker takes a much more hands-on approach, often spending actual time with these people and developing a relationship. The cultural view of an Alliance Social Worker is similar to that of a firefighter.

Day to Day Life for you

The Alliance is a place of high technology. They often have social events occurring, mixers, and group dating or hangouts. There are also augmented video games where you can log into the Alliance Extranet and play games with friends or alone(They are likely augmented reality fooling the gamer into going outside). But first, with all these options You'd wake up, get breakfast, clean your self. Because food and Hygiene are good, and other nations don't have these options readily available.V.I.N.A Would say good morning and inform you of social events occurring near your residence. If you are single you likely have a decent single bedroom flat with all the luxuries of middle-class living. V.I.N.A would ask if you wanted to do anything in particular, and make recommendations. If you did not wish to do anything you do not have to. Normal people in the Alliance often let their day come to them rather than seeking it out.


Likely positive. You are a free person. You are clean, clothed, and healthy. You may feel annoyed at V.I.N.A fussing you about maintaining physical fitness. Or your parents telling you to find a nice guy or girl to give them grandbabies. But overall life is good. The horrors of the shattered universe are a distant thing for you. But that fellow just jogged past you and made fun of you. He then runs up to your girlfriend and grabs her ass in front of you. Because jerks do exist in the Alliance. You slap him and get detained by alliance PD for three hours. You decided to go see that movie with her after all.

General political discourse is very hands-off. Most Alliance people are hands-off. But there is a nationalistic streak within the alliance. Hawks and Doves. The more cosmopolitan alliance citizens drone on about peace, and cooperation. The Hawkish alliance citizens promote is a more militaristic approach to their nation. This discourse does often clash, however, the “Hawks” tend to be the minority. The Hawks are not speaking of conquest, they focus on military preparedness. A Dove would want to see three destroyers built, a Hawk would want 8. Hawk's are typically more Jingoistic and pessimistic about the universe around them. The Doves see their Hawkish counterparts as being paranoid and fearful. General politics are usually taken to looking outward and how the Alliance should handle Tai Pan and other nations. Political talking points are very internationalist in nature. News is often focused on international events and local events. The Alliance is a massive nation, so there is a degree of flaws

Usually tourism. Alliance tourists are often by other nations viewed as being somewhat obnoxious. A lot of these tourists are alliance artist types, Free spirits, and adventurers. They often go to non-alliance worlds and show off their music, talent, art, and skills in an encouraging effort of cultural exchange. This has caused some nations to close off or limit Alliance Tourism. That is to say, the natives do often see these people and glimpses of their culture and yearn for the expression.

Outliers who disagree with the Alliance will sometimes leave. Preferring the challenge of a harsher existence abroad. These brave figures usually stand apart from their countrymen, and those who do make their way home are held in awe, often telling their stories of deep space with a smug satisfaction to their sheltered brothers and sisters. The life led by these outliers varies. Some become villains. But there are some stories of a lone alliance man or woman who comes from seemingly nowhere and inspires the broken, oppressed, and downtrodden to fight for survival and to fight for their freedom.

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