Constitutional Dominion Of Ersetu

The Constitutional Dominion Of Ersetu is a small isolationist interstellar empire existing in the far north east corner of the galaxy. The Constitutional Dominion Of Ersetu inhabited by a single sentient race known as the the Kishargal. Despite having been space faring for thousands of years, the Kishargal chose to withdraw themselves from the intergalactic community rather than taking part in the growing conflict and violence gripping the galaxy in that era. So they confined themselves within their borders, pledging to protect their people from the dangers of other species by means of isolation. This is how they have remained for generations.

Constitutional Dominion Of Ersetu
Homeworld Planet Ersetu
Species Kishargal
Official Languages Awagir, Trade
Currency Sovereign
Current Year 1808ce/5554/3021gsc
Type of Government Elective Monarchy
Monarch Sarratum(Queen) Tiamat Ealamassi Caer Kinnon
Prime Minister Duhal Ishme-Dagan
Capital City Kurumtamtu
Date of Government Establishment 1ce/3747/1213gsc
Approx. Total Nation Population X Billion

The Kishargal

The Kishargal are the single sentient species of the Constitutional Dominion. A bipedal species native to the planet Ersetu. They are characterized by their luminescent eyes, skin patterns and hair, strong skeletal structure, antlers or horns and a prehensile tail. They evolved as the dominant predatory form of life on their home world are self described as a warlike but honorable people. Their skin and luminescent patterns on their skin vary in a myriad of different colors and tones and the structure of their horns vary just as well.

The Constitutional Dominion of Ersetu is a Elective Monarchy. The government is ruled by an elected monarch whose term is lifelong. The monarch is supported by a Prime Minister and Parliament, comprised of the house of lords and house of commons, also elected by the people on regular intervals. Their current government is an evolution of a conglomerate of the three dominant nations that ruled Ersetu at the height of their technological revolution.

After surviving multiple escalating mechanized and later atomic wars, the dominant empires settled their differences and banded together, choosing the preservation of their race over continuing territorial and other considerably petty conflicts. Originally a loose alliance of nations, eventually grew closer, more tight knit over the centuries. As their technology advanced and their people intermixed and crossed borders the lines between the three old empires blurred until the three allied empires merged into one single government.

This new global empire, named The Constitutional Dominion of Ersetu, would be lead by a monarch, called the Sarrum or Sarratum (King or Queen) as had been tradition in all three of the old empires. This is where there was some contention, as none of the hereditary lines of monarchs would relinquish their rule to a single of the other. It was decided then that they would adopt an elected monarch, who would be, at first, chosen by the old hereditary families and eventually by the populace, then serve out a lifelong term leading the Dominion until their death or abdication.

The current monarch of the Dominion, is Sarratum Tiamat Ealamassi Caer Kinnon, a young Kishargal woman who served in the Army rifles before committing herself to government service. She has only ruled the Dominion for a decade now, but has become very popular with the people of her ream as she pushes to institute new changes for the benefit of all the peoples of the Dominion.

Supporting the monarch is a Parliament and Prime Minister. The Prime Minister functioning as the head of Parliament, is elected every ten solar cycles. Parliament further breaks down into two houses, an upper house and a lower house. The House of Lords and the House of Commons.

The House of Lords

The House of Lords, who's membership is drawn from the peerage. The majority of the lords are hereditary peers, inheriting their title and entitlement to sit on the House of Lords for life. A smaller portion of the membership are appointed by the monarch, on advice from either the Prime Minister or an appointment commission. Once appointed, these members serve for life, or until they retire.

The House of Commons

The second, lower house, is the House of Commons, who's membership is elected every five cycles. The Parliament serves to counter balance the Sarrum or Sarratum's power and ensure fair rule of the Dominion. The Dominion's seat of power is in the great city of Kurumtamtu, the city of eternal twilight, on the home world, Ersetu.

The Constitutional Dominion of Ersetu has endured for nearly two thousand years since its foundation in what was the year 5686 of the old calendar, or year 1 of the current. In that time, the Ersetu people have faced many challenges, both from within and outside. Just the first few years of trying to hold the new government together, alone were a test of the Ersetu peoples resolve and determination before a stable footing was found and the Dominion could begin to grow.

Throughout it's history, the Dominion has faced times of war and times of peace, times of fortune and times of hardship. Over the centuries, the government and it's people have endured wars with neighboring species that strengthened their resolve. Their somewhat isolationist views became null as the Dominion expanded to her flanks and amassed strength. Through their expansion, their numbers increased and their hold on the navigational northeastern side of the local sectors led to the Dominion as being one of the strongest and largest sovereign nation in known space.

Full History of The Constitutional Dominion of Ersetu

Dominion territory consists of many star systems. The majority of their worlds are inhabited with intricate networks of trade, relation, and personal specialties to serve their ever-growing populace while a smaller few are uninhabitable. The Dominion also have a network of both military and civilian space stations littered throughout their territories that act as both way stations and defensive points as well as floating space colonies.

Star Systems

    • Ersetu Capital World
    • System Population: 4.3 Billion
  • Reult
    • Kadingir, system's lone habitable world
    • System Population: 2.7 Billion
  • Baelltainn
    • Shiru, habitable planet
    • Ninkashi, habitable planet
    • System Population: 3.9 Billion
  • Fonn
    • No habitable worlds, all artificial habitations
    • System Population: 740 Thousand
  • Dunnain
    • Marrad, system's lone habitable world
    • System Population: 1.6 Billion
    • Major Planets
      • Details

* NOTE * This will need to be overhauled once we formally decide the number of systems. My suggestion is the listing of major systems and worlds (Capitals, Region Capitals, Important Worlds, etc.) as well as possibly making the regions into clans to give a regional politic scale.

Out of system holdings

  • Total Out System Population: Lots
Deep Space Colonies
  • Baile Caenn
  • Baile Areleen
  • Turaan
  • WIP
Deep Space Stations

The Dominion maintains two branches of military. First and most powerful, their Navy is their primary line of defense and the spearhead of all military operations. Second is their Army, which is primarily tasked with planetary surface defense and as second line assault forces who would follow the naval spearhead in a prolonged conflict. Both armed forces fall under the direct oversight of the monarch and Parliament.

  • The Royal Navy is based on the ancient and long-endured tactic of the Line of Battle. The Royal Navy's vessels are all built with the majority of their armaments on massive armored broadsides with torpedoes and similar weapons built into the fore and aft. Naval vessels are heavily armored with a myriad of different metals coming together to form the armored walls that defend them. The Navy is headquartered on Kuangirru in the capital city of Kurumtamtu.

  • The Royal Army is based on a similar line formation that has endured throughout the tests of time. The Army features a large number of different regiments of Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, and Logistical elements all rolling under the same banner. The common soldier wears their redcoat uniform with pride as the artillery booms and the cavalry's charge while mounted on their birds of war. The Army is headquartered on Kuangirru outside the capital city at Castle Kurumtamtu.

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