The Royal Navy of Ersetu

Founded in the year one, with a consolidation of all the various clans navies and armadas. The Royal Navy of Ersetu is the premier armed force of the Constitutional Dominion. The Navy is the first line of defense and the tip of the spearhead in any conflict and is the pride of the Dominion. In the Kishargal culture there are few higher callings than to serve in the military and foremost, the Navy. Many of the wealthy and nobility send their young to serve in the military, to do so to be considered a great honor and a boon to standing in many social and political circles.

The Royal Navy doctrine is focused around the use of capital ships, Line of Battle Ships, which function as the main power of the Navy's fleets. Compared to other similar sized empire's navies, the Royal Navy of Ersetu is larger and contains many more large scale warships. Though during peacetime many of the battleships of the Royal Navy are kept in ordinary, maintained and reserved for limited operation or wartime use only. This allows them to keep a large capital navy, but save cost when these expensive and demanding warships are not needed.

The bulk of their peacetime navy, Frigates and Brigs, Sloops, patrol Erset space, protecting planets, stations and bases, monitoring the shipping lanes and dealing with pirates or any other threat that might crop up. These smaller vessels, usually remain independent of the larger fleets, save for those tasked to support capital ships or those assigned to the specific border guard fleets and squadrons.

Along with the honor garnered by serving in the Royal Navy, there is the incentive of prize money. The Admiralty has provisions to pay crews of ships that capture pirate or enemy vessels and bring them back to friendly ports. This prize money, a percentage of the value of the captured vessel's cargo, even the value of the ship it's self if sold or purchased by the Navy, is divided among the crew in shares proportional to rank. This prize money acts as a great motivator for the crews and officers of the Royal Navy, helping to encourage their relentless determination and ferocity.

The Royal Navy is divided into multiple fleets, each tasked with specific duties within the Dominion. Each fleet is broken down further into three squadrons. The leading division, called the Vanguard, the center squadron and the rear squadron.

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