Port North West

Port North West is the first large deep space outpost constructed by the Kishargal. The massive station began construction in -121 CE, predating the founding of the Constitutional Dominion Of Ersetu. The station would take over a hundred years to complete and serve as the first major deep space trade station and deep space repair and support facility for the Kishargal people and clans and, later, the fledgling Dominion Royal Navy. The station has endured and operated through times of war and times of peace and has changed much in its twenty centuries of service. It is a port of call for trade, a military depot and repair yard, a home to thousands of civilians.

Class: North West
Type: Deep Space Station
Operator: Constitutional Dominion of Ersetu
Manufacturer: Constitutional Dominion of Ersetu
Production: 1
Active: 1
Reserve: 0
Building: 0
Planned: 0
Lost: 0
Retired: 0
Introduced: -121ce/1091gsc

Crew: 56,000
Maximum Capacity: 250,000

Length: 41,820 feet, (12,746 meter)
Width: 34,440 feet, (10,497 meter)
Height: 120,540 feet, (36,740 meter)
Displacement: 4,960,327,000,000 tons
Decks: 5,975

Powerplant: 200x Taurus type fusion reactors, battery system, solar collector array
Sublight Drive: Station-keeping jets
FTL Drive: n/a

Armor: 12ft thick exterior hull armor, with additional 6ft belts on her gun deck, a 46 inch armor belt inboard of her gun deck, with a 24 inch armored roof and floor
Shields: 150x large deflector shield generators

  • 60x chaff launchers with 100 chaff canisters per launcher
  • 60x flare launchers with 100 flares per launcher

Energy Weapons: 8x 24ft siege laser cannons, 100x 36inch laser cannons
Projectile Weapons: none


  • 1x Admiral's cutter
  • 1x Captain's barge
  • 4,560 launches
  • 1,045 longboats
  • 75x Internal starship docking ports
  • 350x External starship docking ports
  • Port North West


External Appearance

Port North West is a massive deep space outpost station. spanning some 120,540 feet in height. It comprises of a primary spherical hull, which contains the stations internal docking bays, primary habitat sectors and command facilities. Stretching below, in a large blade-like hull, are the external docking facilities, cargo storage and handling, power generation, waste processing and other support systems needed to operate the massive station.

Internal Arrangement

General locations within Port North West.

  • Observation Dome Deck 1
  • Station Operations Deck 1-4
  • Officer Quarters Deck 8-20
  • Space Traffic Control Deck 22
  • Main Medical Complex Deck 245-250
  • Diplomatic Quarters Deck 350-351
  • Concourse Deck 387-391
  • Internal Starship Hangars Deck 500-1650
  • Gun Deck Deck 1045
  • Ammunition Magazines Deck 1046
  • Dockyard Control Deck 1900
  • Engineering Spaces Deck 2100-3840
  • Main Engineering Control Deck 2501
  • External docking ports Deck 2080-5850

Port North West is divided up into sectors, each dedicated to a general function, such as civilian habitat, diplomatic, or dock space, or machinery spaces for example. While there may be some crossover in certain areas, with living spaces in the engineering sectors or shopping districts in the dockyard areas and vice versa. All of the sectors are as listed below;

  • Gold Sector: Command and control sector, station operations infrastructure.
  • Green Sector: Diplomatic sector, living quarters, conference spaces and support for diplomatic and ambassadorial staff and operations.
  • Blue Sector: Civilian habitat sector. Living space for civilian guest traffic and permanent residence.
  • Red Sector: Commerce sector. Shopping and business area, as well as a bulk of the stations restaurants, pubs and hotels are located in this sector. As well the main concourse, the massive shopping and entertainment area of the station is the center point of red sector.
  • Grey Sector: Internal dockyard facilities.
  • Orange Sector: external docking and cargo facilities.
  • Brown Sector: Industrial and engineering sector. Station support infrastructure such as power generation, life support generators and waste treatment machinery, maintenance facilities

Specific key locations

  • Station Operations: The command and control center for the station, where all major operations and functions of the facility are directed from.
  • Space Traffic Control: Command center for directing all inbound and outbound traffic around Port North West.
  • Dockyard control: Command center for managing all docking ports and bays on the station.
  • The Concourse: The concourse is a large shopping and entertainment district dominating much of decks 387-391. This space houses many of the shops, restaurants and other establishments on Port North West, as well as a large central open space that functions much like a central park and city square.
    • Carrick's: Located in the concourse, Carrick's is a well known restaurant careering to the upper class residents and guests on Port North West.
    • The Brettony Arms: One of the oldest and longest running establishments on Port North West and the first to be established in what would become the concourse, The Brettony Arms is a public house opened a short time after the commissioning of the station, before the founding of the Dominion, by the retired Grand Admiral Brettony, of some repute, from the old Kinnon Royal Navy.
  • The Gunner's Daughter: A public house of less than shining repute. Located in the lower levels of the dockyards, it is a pub frequented by the less than respectable patrons that come to the station from various ships. It is notorious for it's special 'grog', which, unlike the drink served by the military, is incredibly strong.
  • Main Engineering Control: The command center for monitoring and oversight all engineering systems aboard Port North West, such as power generators, life support and the likes.

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