Ersetu Faster than Light Propulsion

The Ersetu achieve faster than light travel through use of the hyperspace accelerator driver. These drives, which are large, power hungry fixtures within Ersetu spacecraft, are their equivalent to the Hyperspace drives used by other species. The drive generates distortions around its ship, allowing it to travel hundreds of times the speed of light across vast distances. The drive functions much like a warp drive.

Due to the hyperspace drive's immense power needs, large size and general unsophisticated in comparison to other races CDD units, they can only be fit aboard medium to large starships and operated for limited times, less they exhaust their ship's power supplies. Due to this, smaller, or less expensive ships, will reach other systems via the jumpgate system. Vessels that can mount these drives are capable of FTL travel to varying degrees, depending on the class of drive fitted. The highest class drives are reserved for military vessels, government transports and only the most expensive civilian vessels.

FTL travel time is usually limited by power generation, forcing Ersetu ships on long journeys to spend a lot of their travel time at sub-light speed as power is built up in the drives capacitors, punctuated to short stints in FTL before having to revert to sub-light speeds once more after a few days travel time.

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