The Kǒnglóng came from the third planet around a yellow star many Millions of years ago. They escaped when their world was threatened by a large meteor that was bound for their planet. they left on worldships. And slowly made their way beyond the stars. There they stayed and lived as best the could in their worldships for millenniums. There was a long period things continued life grew, the races became one. Then the worldships began dying, causing a desire to move back to the stars.

The Kǒnglóng now live in a sector Galacticly South East. Territorial by nature they travel in their world ships from one system to the next. Each system contained a food planet, and other resources. From their years out beyond the rim they developed a response to few resources. A system would be fully mined out and used to it's maximums before it would be released from their collective ownership.

Rénmín of Kǒnglóng
Homeworld Worldships (42 in total)
Species Kǒnglóng
Official Languages Huà, Trade
Currency Libie
Current Year 2019 PB (Post Black)
Type of Government Council of Elders Zhǎnglǎo huì
Capital City
Date of Government Establishment 0001PB
Approx. Total Nation Population 100 Billion

Origin Story

“It was many many cycles ago. I believe we have even burned the fuels given to us by the first, over three Millennium ago. Yes.. at least… The star we lived under was bright, warm, and yellow. There was plants and animal everywhere, and we lived a much more simpler life. Roaming the lands hunting or grazing. Then the lights in the sky came. First was the large blue one. Though it didn't move as quickly as the smaller ones. Fifty of them! Gifts from the ones above. Ghosts had our ancestors board, then these world ships lifted us up to the stars above. As the Ancients left, they witnessed the Blue light hit the land. The globe glowed fiery red, as it grew smaller and smaller in the view ports. We traveled in a straight line for a million years. a million years that the Ghosts of the ships taught us and used their genetic magics on us. We lived out in the black, past the last of the stars. To look out a view port was to risk maddeningly blackness.” ~Torlong Sliverclaws

The Kǒnglóng are the remnants of the dinosaurs of the old earth. As time moved on they evolved aboard the world ships. through evolution and genetic manipulation the multiple species became one, and now just the difference of race.

Star Ships

Ship Classes

Civilian Craft

  • Civilian shuttle x
  • Civilian Freighter X

(note X means I have build doga models for them)

Star Ship components

Hand held Weapons

Civilian Tech

Not listed: Other systems within the Kǒnglóng territory.

Fun Facts

Kǒnglóng is Chinese for Dinosaur.

Feathers are cool

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