Waveform Power Generator

The WPG was developed for use in Kǒnglóng Ships and colony power plants.

Multiple gyroscopic arms rotating around a red glowing core, shielded behind ionized leaded clear materials. The top and bottom of the unit have many plugs and outlet points for hoses, cables, and induction coils. The gyro arms rotate powerful electron-magnets that tear a micro hole with-in space time itself, out pours waveforms of energy, though only the strongest and purest, the Wibbly wave form, is harnessed for conversion to power for the ship.

Above and below the main gyroscopic array is the induction coils, they received the Wibbly wave form and convert it into power, usable for the ship.


Size is variable from the minimum of a cubic meter all the way up to hundreds of cubic meters, Size to power ratio is proportionate.

Manufacturer: Kǒnglóng SypeBays
Type: Wave form
Class: Generator
Designer: Kǒnglóng SypeBays

In appearance this unit would look like a large clear oblong shielding with circular wheels with in wheels rotating with a pulsing red core glowing. Above and below the gyroscope are two coils of golden material.

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