Solarity of Kowloon

The Solarity of Kowloon is a multi-system country to the galactic south of the Empire of Tai Pen, and a suzerainty of that larger state. It is ruled by a Lord Empress, subservient to the Tai Pen Emperor, and governed by a council of Dukes who each control several star systems within the Solarity’s territory. Each Duke fields a separate military, but gives fealty to the Lord Empress, who herself fields a military force. Because of this policy, the Solarity’s combined forces are quite significant, but only when acting in concord. The country can be quite diverse.

It’s capital is Soran Nast, located on the planet Piyapon in the Kowloon System. The current Lord Empress is the elfess, Bhelith Blackspear, of House Arleigh. She is supported by Violet Ran, the Premier.

Citizens of Kowloon are collectively referred to as “Kowlani”, and the country is sometimes referenced as “The Solarity”. The government is often referenced as “the Diadem”, in the same manner as a monarchy would refer to the crown of a king or queen.

After participating heavily in the Fourth Liang (Tai Pan) Secession War, Bhelith - one of the last prominent rebel generals - struck some sort of peace accord that left many elvish nobility dead, along with most of her species residing on that planet. Although unpopular, her surrender to Taianese forces may have saved the rest of them. Speculation abounds as to why she surrendered; the fact remains that she did. She lowered her banner in 3016 GSC, and bent the knee personally to the Emperor in a private, closed ceremony.

Perhaps as a reward, and perhaps as a way to ensure that the Second Children never rose independent again, Bhelith and her entourage were appointed by the Emperor to govern a series of troublesome planets to the Tainese galactic south. Immediately, she had found herself dealing with a complex political situation and numerous small rebellions brewing across her territory, the most famous of them being The Black Army Rebellion in early 3017 GSC. Though it initially began at Lorani Province of Planet Piyapon, the violence threatened to spread like a wildfire across the world, and it was only one of several. With the fall of the province's viscountess, Lord Creature du Rochon - later to become one of the Lord Empress's most prominent retainers - was put up in her place, and with his Free Company, eventually defeated The Black King, but not without cost.

With xenophobic sentiment rising in The Empire of Tai Pan, Kowloon became a dumping ground for all undesirables, including second and third class citizens in 3017 GSC, with the belief that this will keep productivity high and crime rates low in their core worlds. In addition to this, the Taianese intended for Kowloon to act as a military buffer, always being the frontier between the empire, and any possible hostiles. In return, it remains relatively autonomous so long as it does not cross Tai Pan, maintaining trade and military cooperation. Kowloon was expected to fail at the onset and take its appointed sovereign, who the ruling caste and military officers of Tai Pan deemed particularly problematic, along with it.

And yet, Bhelith Blackspear and her “Empire of Kowloon” remained standing.

With both corporate and ethnic threats suppressed for the time being however, the fledgling nation's attention turns to the looming Atraxian invasion.

Got several ethnic and cultural groups to contend with. There's humans from the alliance, elves, angels and demons from Liang that relocated here, various mega-corporations that operate here since it's a free-for-all, and even the free companies themselves to deal with.

The Solarity of Kowloon operates under a system of feudal monarchy, with the Lord Empress at its head, who acts as a suzerain Queen ultimately owing fealty to the Emperor as a smaller, tributary empire. The Solarity is technically divided into four major divisions, referred to as Duchies, governed each by an individual Duke owing fealty to the Lord Empress, who is herself the Duchess of Kowloon, the most developed of the four regional states. These regional states are;

  • The Duchy of Kowloon
  • The Duchy of Rarjuni
  • The Duchy of Kotoku
  • The Duchy of Rangoon

A second governing body, the Chancellery, acts directly on behalf of the solarity as a whole, sometimes superseding the rule of the Dukes and their subservient Earls, Barons, and Lords1). The Chancellery, acting directly as the hand of the Lord Empress, holds authority throughout the Solarity and carries with it the seal and support of the Diadem both abroad as diplomats and at home as liaisons within the Duchies. The Chancellery collects taxes, provides a traveling court of appeals, manages all lands not granted directly to the peerage, and fields several Royal Orders such as the Royal Order of the Horizon, and the Royal Order of the Shield2). The Chancellery also keeps records, provides clerks, and is the sole and only organization in the Solarity to hold a charter to mint and manage coinage.

The Chancellery is run by a Chancellor, who at present time is appointed directly by the Lord Empress. By courtesy, he is given the unlanded title of Count, can appoint Viscounts to serve as judges of court, and may defer authority to lesser servants of the Chancellery as agents by naming them Bailiffs, for specific inquiries, or Justs, for judicial inquiries in residential courts of appeal.

Buildings appointed for the use of the Chancellery are referred to as “Chaucers”, and in some regions may be more, or less stable than the actual appointed government. Each Chaucher is commonly accompanied by a Viscount (regional) or Just (by county or township), or some regional amalgamation of the two as deemed necessary. Each representative of the Diadem is accompanied by several bailiffs, a company of knights from the Royal Order of the Shield, for civilized lands, or of the Knight Rangers from the Royal Order of the Horizon for border, or generally unstable lands.

The full military force of Kowloon is fearsome to behold, but rarely utilized.

Aside from the governing lords, ladies, and knights of the Solarity, several orders of Knighthood exist that allow individuals to bear title and responsibility within the Solarity that is unattached and regardless of their governance or stewardship of land.

    • An order of 16 women, exclusively of Tatiya Hini heritage, under the direct command of the Lord Empress. Diplomats, Messengers, and direct representatives of the Kowlani Diadem.
    • An order of knights, lords, and soldiers directly loyal to the Diadem, above any other individual body. The 'National' troops of Kowloon.
    • Based out of Kowloon System.
    • Expeditionary knights given charters by the Diadem to explore, settle, and police as-yet unsettled, or troublesome territories.
    • Enclaves can be anywhere from 1, to 20 Rangers.
    • Known more popularly as the “Magister's Consortium” or just the “Consortium” the Magisters are the primary scientists, engineers, and chroniclers of Kowloon.
    • Chapters in Kowloon, Rarjuni, Heled
    • Mercenary soldiers, often sponsored by Kowloon's noble houses, serving as the primary fighting force of the Solarity.
    • Based everywhere.
    • Originally a porter's guild, the Wings of Heled have spread throughout the Solarity to encompass many mercantile endeavors, and have become prominent enough to charter as a knightly order, conferring the ability to represent the Solarity upon their various merchant captains.
    • Based out of Heled System.
    • An all-female martial order, often selling their expertise like free companies. One of few recognized religious orders in Kowloon.
    • Based out of Kowloon.

Hereafter referred to as the peerage
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