Azalea Free Company

Commanded and founded by Knight Commander, Lord Creature du Rochon, the Azalea Free Company was founded in 3017 GSC on Piyapon. The company started with over 500 levies, although this number began to fluctuate after it was hired by the Viscountess of the Lorani Provence to fight against the emerging threat of the Black Army.

Azalea Free Company
Founder Lord Creature du Rochon
Faction Solarity of Kowloon
Strength ~ 500
Heraldry N/A

The Azalea Free Company was formed by Lord Creature du Rochon and his then-squire, valeriane. Initially, the company was an illegal formation, as Creature had lied to his squire and his new recruits about his status in the Kowloon hierarchy. Creature legitimized his company and their ranks when he signed a contract with the then Viscountess of the Lorani province. The company was hired to stabilize Lorani province and defeat the insurgency presented by the “Black King” and the “Black Army”.

  • Knight General: Leader of the Free Company
  • Knight Commander: Second in Command, leads a platoon
  • Knight Superior: Squad leader
  • Knight: Veteran troops/ Chartered Knight
  • Knight Hospitaller: Doctor/ Specialized Rank
  • Knight Errant: Un-chartered Knight
  • Squire/Esquire: Knight in Training/ Cadet
  • Page: Servant, Outside of Command/Rank Structure
  • Bannerman: Enlisted
  • Master at Arms: Enlisted
  • Yeoman: Enlisted
  • Sergeant at Arms: Enlisted
  • Barber-Surgeon: Medic/Specialist Rank
  • Man at Arms: Enlisted
  • Footman: Enlisted
  • Apprentice Footman: Enlisted
  1. Lord Creature du Rochon - Lord of Azalea Free Company
  2. Sidurra Gallve - Knight General, Leader of Azalea Free Company
  3. Hidetsugu Mizuki - Footwoman
  4. Thaddeaus Maximus - Footman
  5. Lukina Aleksasha Bloodtree - Knight, Footwoman in the Azalea Free Company
  6. Kamilla Starfall - Knight Errant
  7. Vella-00 "Lavender Sugar" - Apprentice Footwoman
  8. jillian_muse - Specialist, Engineer/Technician

Deceased PCs and NPCs

  1. valeriane- Acting Knight Commander, Champion of Azalea Free Company - Missing in Action
  2. Onikuma - Sergeant at Arms, the Great White of the Azalea v-Deceased


Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
~0 Starting Funds
2,000,000 + 2,000,000 Bounty Collection, serial killers Glasseye and Blackscale

Thanks to Kim for the format, utilized in the article for the Uial Lug Free Company.

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