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Welcome, bloodspawn! As an Othan, you belong to an ancient bloodline almost brought to an apocalyptic grave. You and your brethren have lived in relative isolation from the galactic community, watching as the younger species continue the cycle of war and oppression upon themselves. Has the fleeting fate of the sector got you down? Head to the opera and enjoy the finer things in life, maybe sample some humanely sourced blood to keep your youthful visage fresh? Or perhaps even practice magical feats if you have a large enough reserve!

Just remember: your curiosity of the other species may harm you. You will often outlive your lovers and friends. It is impossible to save them all, so be sure to make the memories count.

You're going to want to start by copying the code here, it will provide the skeleton upon which we will sew the flesh of our new character. To get started you're going to want to fill the top of the page. A brief character description should do, enough to help you find what you're looking to play. You can always go back and edit it later.

When an Othan reaches adulthood they should have three names. The first is their baby name, that their parents call them from their childhood, this name is grown out of on reaching adulthood. The second is an assumed name, this reflects an element of the characters interest as it's often in a foreign language to make talking with outsiders easier. The last is their adult name, this name they assume from the completion of the first part of their Path, and into adulthood.

For ease, European (Typically Eastern) names are common, though these mean wildly different things to the Othan themselves than to the mainline humans. They are heavy on 'thicker' syllables: 'Oh's, 'Oa's, 'Ve's, 'Ah's and such are stressed due to the lower baritone of the typical Othan's voice.

Female Examples Male Examples
Drahomira Bernard
Izabela Pavel
Leona Jaromir
Margot Tomas
Valerie Viktor

The Law of Trade requires an Othan to maintain at least one trade. This may change throughout their life, and may even merely be a hobby. There are a great many paths one can take, but the expectation is that at least one is chosen. Rather than an authoritarian measure, this law is enacted for the mental health of the nigh-ageless species to keep the mind from atrophying. Militia service is not seen as a valid trade by itself due to societal values, cautious on allowing militarism to be the focus of one's life outside of leadership.

A profession may fill the role of a trade due to its necessity within society. Trades do not need to make any notable amount of money, a single good made using the registered trade is sent to a trade minister to confirm progress every year or so. Due to an Othan's long lived life it is more than likely that an individual may possess skill in these areas that are observed as unnatural, by lesser lived species.

Trade Examples Profession Examples
Tailoring Engineering
Chandlery Medicine
Perfumery Civil Planning
Artistry Science
Cooking Teaching

Tactics, logistics, and other examples of practical excellence are held in high regard. However, the Othan do not consider the military to be an institution of heightened worth. Individuals who make their identity on the basis of being an agent of warfare would be considered abnormal and looked at with confusion, even by the most hardened Marshal. The concept of militaristic necessity is viewed as a cruel imposition asserted by a galaxy who have made ships and military strategy their national identities.

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For an Othan to be considered an adult, they must undergo initiation into a path of blood magic when they reach the age of majority. To be proficient, one must dedicate sizable portions of their lives into training these techniques. More information and guidelines can be found here. An Othan may have as many paths as they wish, as long as their lived years supports the dedication.

Othani are built differently from other elves, often being freakishly tall to the rest of elfkind, and heavily built. Your other immediate difference from the rest of the sector's species are the fangs where your canines should be, these fangs come in a variety of types and can be modified, though usually only one pair top or bottom, or both at once. Length of these fangs is often conservative, and they are immobile in the gums. Much of the element of blood transfer being magical in nature rather than mechanical. Othani ears also differ from their elvish siblings, being of similar range of lengths, but split into two points instead of tapering to one.

As mentioned, Othani are regarded as incredibly tall by elves, and are often taller than humans even. At around 7-8 feet, this height is probably partly due to the slightly lower gravity on their planet, and a high protein diet. While the max height is stated at 11 feet, this is mostly from cultivating specific Paths and decisions, often requiring decades of mediation and magic to accomplish.

Example Height Average Weight
7ft (213cm) 280lbs (127kg)
8ft (244cm) 360lbs (163kg)
9ft (274cm) 440lbs (200kg)
10ft (305cm) 530lbs (240kg)

Due to dense musculature, an Othan typically trends high on the BMI scale for their height. This calculator is handy for dealing with fantasy heights/weights!

Othani build depends heavily on their profession, but usually trend large and muscular for both men and women. Such things can be exaggerated with blood magic or life decisions, so a degree of self-image is involved with this part of the character.

Othani skin comes in a multitude of shades, even artificial ones if they desire. Natural skin tones are the most prevalent. However, it is common to see dusky, ashen, or bluish grey skin among Othani citizens. Cultivators of certain paths may be able to recreate their skin as jet, mottled or even exotic colors if they choose.

Othani eyes are a major tell, with their sclera being black, and their eyes naturally ranging from a glowing orange, amber or brown in coloration. Multichromia is common among Othani purely as an aesthetic choice, as it's quite a simple way to practice magic.

Another clear distinction from other elves. Othani grow exaggerated canine teeth, which can vary from enlarged top or bottom sets, or even both. This depends heavily upon the users use of bloodmagic, but the teeth are immobile in the gums.

Individualistic, genial, and slow to anger. Though there are some that are not possessed of these traits, the average Othan are characterized by these. Due to the importance of individuality when one reaches the age of majority, personal ideology and behavior is varied and diverse.

There are no word-specific insults or slurs based on sex, gender, and sexual orientation in either the High or Low Othanic tongues.

Skirts are non-existent in Othanic fashion and are seen as a foreign curiosity. The feminine connotation of them is not typically understood.


  • Art (Opera/Painting)
  • Legally acquired foreign relics
  • Self-deterministic self defense


  • Pointless threats/violence
  • Warfare-based cultures

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