Sheffeldan Freehold

A small fringe nation on the edge of common star maps, the Sheffeldan Freehold was one of the few bastions of humanity to survive the scouring of both the Blackout and the Xenowars that tore through what was once the Wangdiao colonies. The needs of survival wrecking havoc upon both their bodies and souls, leaving an almost unrecognizable society in its wake. With the slow settling of the Xenozone there has been a glut of heavily armed and highly experienced soldiery left idle, with little else to trade or barter force of arms has become the Freeholds primary export.

Sheffeldan Freehold
Capital New Hull, Saint-Yves
Species Human, Taienese
Official Languages English, Ayrish, Taienese
Currency Sheffeldan Energy Credits (SECs)
Current Year 3019
Type of Government Martial Feudal
Royal Motto “Honour and duty, come what may!”
Lord of the Realm Kate Monroe
Capital City New Hull
Date of Establishment 3005
Approximate Population 4-5 million

The average native Sheffeld citizen has been cursed to live an interesting life. To live in the freehold is to live a life without many of the comforts and securities of a larger nation, in exchange one gets freedoms not afforded to those in more civilized cultures. A place that values liberty over guaranteed happiness, a liberty guarded by prudence and, all too often, sacrifice.

A Freehold citizen could be an older generation who moved away from the core worlds in search of independence and new life. A dream snuffed out by betrayal, invasion, and replaced with a struggle to survive in a storm of chaos. Forced to adapt their morality to a crushing pressure of survival, mutate their own bodies, and spend years suffering austerity, war, and loss.

Maybe the younger generation who know only the struggle of survival, losing loved ones constantly and groomed for warfare or work. A life often twisted by circumstance into becoming what is needed, rather than what they could choose. Growing up in a militarized school system

Or an immigrant, one of the crazy few who wants to find purpose out in this peripheral civilization. Perhaps to look for loved ones in the ruins of the former Wangdaio colonies, perhaps searching for a new life out from underneath the overbearing oversight of the major factions. Or perhaps pursuing a criminal career is easier in a place where criminals form part of the state apparatus.

No matter where or how a Sheffeldan came to be, the principles of life here are demonstrated through them.

  • Responsibility is earned, and constantly proved through conduct
  • More responsibility imposes more obligations

The most common reason Sheffeldans leave the Freehold is business, or education. Mercenary stints as condotterri are not uncommon among Knights in order to justify their continued access to such machines. While pilot candidates can join other mercenary units to gain battle experience, or enter officer exchange programs or attache assignments with other nations for useful operational experience.

Other Sheffeldans might be trading resources or passage between the Freehold and the major nations using specialized cargo runners built for the rigors of the uncontrolled space of the former Colonies. The Sheffeldan Diplomatic Corps are also known to enter negotiations with foreign corporate entities in the interest of investment or relocation in the Freehold itself.

Head of State Archduchess Kate Monroe

The government of the Freehold resembles a non-hereditary feudal society were the privilege of rank must be proven by each knight or squire each year.

The head of state is the Lord of the Realm, currently “Queen of New Hull” Kate Monroe. Duchess of one of the several city states that form the freehold entirely. The Lord of the Ream is elected for a decade by the Dukes of the Realm from among their own.

Below her is the Heir-Apparent, a non-hereditary role assigned to one of the other Dukes or Duchess's who is vice-head and successor in the case of the death of the Realm Lord. A province must volunteer a certain amount of military capability in order for it to gain a Duke or Duchess at the table, these dukes are often the most able generals of their levied forces.

Below them are the Common Nobles, warriors who must fight in annual tournaments to prove their fitness in combat and right to rule. Nobility is not hereditary, nor is it for life. Any Knight unable to pilot their warsuit is stripped of title and machine both.

Many of these Nobles are selected from a young age for suitability for combat and groomed to pilot the war machines of the state. While practice is expected with disarmed units, only active Knights are granted the privilege of a Hemodyne for themselves.

Above Knights are Barons, unit leaders and commanders in the field, roughly the authority of a Colonel or captain in other military hierarchies. Because of the small nature of Sheffeldan units, Dukes or Duchess' taking the field as army group leaders are extremely rare, often staying back to command the battle from a command center.

New Hull

The seat of Kate Monroe and the foremost city of the Duchies, New Hull provides the majority of starport services, market, and manufacturing. Native Hullians are all gene-modded by government decree, and is often the first point of entry for new migrants.

Isles of Ayr

Originally inhabited by the first settlers on Sacrborough, the Isles contain some of the longest lived residents and the heaviest original industrial equipment. Having traded their industrial capacity for priviledges, Ayrish residents are exempt from otherwise mandatory gene modification.

“Honour and duty, come what may!”
“Wolf And Sword” “Red Star on Silver” “Forged in Flame”
Sheffeldan Armed Forces Patch Sheffeldan Military Pin Special Operations Patch

Sheffeld has three major forces within its control, the oldest of which are the Knightly Orders, an army of 2000 or so surviving elite machine pilots who have spent the blood to keep the Freehold safe during the Blackout. The second is the Sheffeldan Star Force, the emerging star force of the Freehold with limited resources. The third is the Freeman Army, an all volunteer army made of immigrants from the wider galactic sector and a substantial boost to the Freeholds armed forces.


The common military unit in the Sheffeldan Knights is the Lance, a half dozen strong pack of hemodynes supported by dozens of drones acting as infantry and fire support. Lances are organized into Squadrons of three or more Lances commanded by a Baron or higher noble with his own lance. Squadrons are often tasked directly by the Duke or Duchess to specific battlefield uses with limited command and control, greater emphasis being placed on initiative. Due to the organic nature, often ad-hoc, nature of these formations calculating the strength of a Sheffeldan formation is very difficult without insider knowledge.

The lance is only considered as capable as its least effective unit; as such natural hierarchies form between lances of various capability, often specializing in function, weight, and speed. Lances will often be organized to include at least one junior pilot as part of their training.

Within a Squadron lances are often assigned colors depending on their relatively capability or mission specification. In battle, the Commanders lance will usually act as the tactical reserve, while the other lances perform battle

Each hemodyne is highly customized to the user, within certain requirements of the law. The Noble Laws specify minimum speeds, weapon compatibility, and physical feats that the hemodyne must be able to accomplish to be legal. Interestingly these requirements include the ability to wield a close combat weapon, often a sword, the ability to pick up and throw another unit of similar size, and high mobility. As well as several other less amusing specifications such as tie-down points, transport considerations, and logistical matters.

The drones used in support of these lances are subject to similar requirements to maintain spec with their lances, drones must be provided by the knight as part of his entourage, however the state does compensate for combat losses, and maintains their own stockpiles of such automated weapons.

Orders form part of the Freeholds military culture, and will typically help form a Sheffeldan knights core philosophy and preferred tactics.

  • Wolf Maidens
  • Storm Raiders

Sheffeldan Star Force

The Sheffeldan Star Force is considered a minuscule thing on the ladder of naval powers, but its ships are highly unorthodox and built for purpose.

The Freeman Army

“Service Guarantees Citizenship.”

The Freeman Army compliments the Freeholds military capability by allowing a more conventional military force to take and hold infrastructure while Knights are deployed on search and destroy missions, filling in a percieved weakness of the Freehold military as it prepares for expedtionary actions within the former Wangdaio Colonies.

Other Forces

Sheriffs act as law enforcers at the behest of the Nobles, and are often free to choose their own deputies as long as acceptable outcomes of military “volunteers” are maintained and the region remains under control. Sherieffs offices are as large as the county they have jurisdiction over, and can be anything from a small office, ro a large police unit with access to in-house labs and specialist divisions.

New Hull

One of several counties and the current capital within the Freehold, New Hull is home to the capital palace, as well as New Hull Interplanetary and a high concentration of military and industrial capacity. It is known for its poor weather and violent storms.


Sitting at between four to five million, this minuscule population is all that has survived the decades of turmoil around them and lived to now. Barely the population of most cities, Sheffeld has had to automate and refine enormous parts of its economy to stretch its efficiency and performance. While most of the economy has been under state control due to constant wartime state over the decades, it has slowly started to be opened up to enterprise and foreign trade.

While ethnically diverse, with various widely-sourced human majority, and featuring occasional taianese and other alien citizens, the culture of Sheffeld has been beaten by necessity into homogeneity. Notable sub-populations are the Ayrish.

While the vast majority of the population is human (modified, Ayrish, or otherwise), small sub-populations do exist, notably of Taienese settlers from the original Wangdiao colonies, as well as other aliens collected into the freehold.

The Sheffeldan Freehold started as a minor colony within the Wangdiao hub system of Saint Yves, the system was known for its many very beautiful planets, and so while mostly human congruent Scarborough was a minor interest against planets such as Le Fleur. During the Blackout, Saint Yves was at the center of the chaos, and the tide of the xenowars washed over the system quickly.

The first foundations of the Freehold emerged from this turbulent time, as military officers from various nations found themselves all stuck in a small corner surrounded by enemies. In order to shore up defenses and secure their growing fortress they evacuated the colonists from other planets in the system, or force migrated them, into the Scarborough stronghold. This centralization of resources made them a strong enough deterrent to avoid getting picked apart by the small xeno threats, however they still fought often, in harsh bloody fighting at shocking attrition.

Each battle drained more of their few resources, weapons, and crucially, warm bodies. At multiple times in their history their entire society has been quickly militarized. This has led Sheffeldans to evolve to fight in organic, small-unit tactics, and to place enormous resources upon each combatant as a force-multiplier. This doctrine eventually matured into the Hemodyne technology, turning man and machine into one and using androids and drones to fulfill support roles.

These armored men and women, some the original officers that were left stranded, became the knights and nobles of the Freehold. Obliged to war, privileged to rule. Swearing fealty to the Lord of the Realm, many are veterans of a thousand battles, the hard core of survivors.

With the gradual fading of the xenowars, many of these highly capable warriors were left with little to do, and high obligations to maintain their power. Without trade fleets to use, or exotic resources to mine, or even great culture to export, the Sheffeldan Freeholds primary export became its military prowess, as nobles old and young went out to fight others wars for a new reward.

Sheffeldan technology has been shaped by the situation of the Freehold itself, is extremely specialized into certain forms of technology, while being almost entirely unknowing about others.


Hemodyne Chassis'


Support Units



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