Caste System of Tai Pan

The Taianese organize themselves to ensure an optimal balance between economic performance and individual satisfaction. Referred to as the Jaati (जाति), individuals are made-to-order depending on the job that needs to be filled, and are specifically tailored to excel in it. In exchange for willingly working in a job they are made for, the Taianese enjoy a standard of living rarely seen outside of the empire. As a direct result of Jaati, several castes exist within The Empire of Taipan. Each is dedicated to specific criteria, and serves as a key component to the empire as a whole.

There are 12 forms in total, one for each animal of the Chinese Zodiac.

Though most famous for being the ruling caste, the Imperials play a key, vital role in the smooth operation of the Empire.

It is from here that all Emperors and Empresses come, specifically from the population of Dragon-types, who have final and absolute power in Tai Pan for this reason. As they were made specifically for this role during the earliest days of the Taianese, they have “The Mandate”, and to maintain it, are utterly competent in their rule. Though new Emperors and Empresses can be chosen from their ranks to be successors, direct descendants of Emperors and Empresses typically have priority in this informal process. In addition to this, the Imperial Caste provides and trains the Dragon-types who will become the numerous system and planetary governors necessary to delegate power and ensure peak efficiency.

As the name suggests, the Destroyer Caste deals with much more martial matters and comprises the vast bulk of the empire's military might. In battle, caste members are capable of feats of inhuman speed and strength owing to their genetic superiority, however, they are not used solely as soldiers. Local law enforcement in Tai Pan controlled worlds use Destroyer Caste members as the backbone of their forces, and even far-flung colonies use them in their security forces. Fanatically loyal, the obedient soldiers of the caste are both respected and feared for the ruthless and efficient execution of their campaigns. Tigers are the “First Born” of the Destroyers, having been created during The War for Liang and have the most power and privilege. They are typically used as shock-troops, being is orientated towards mobility and offense.The Paradise War which featured intense urban fighting, demonstrated the flaws in Taianese war theory, and forced the Tiger types to rethink their logistics, organization, and sphere of operations.

The Maker Caste makes up the majority of The Empire's population, and are the basis from which all else is built off of. In addition to making the infrastructure of their cities, towns and colonies, the makers are also responsible for mining minerals and harvesting crops in order to produce various consumer goods. They typically do not handle the distribution and sales of what they make, however, they do receive the benefits of their labor. In addition to these various jobs, the Maker Caste is also responsible for technological and scientific research and development. Out of the three castes, the Makers are typically the least seen by foreigners, as the other two castes serve as the 'face' and 'sword' of the Empire. As they typically do not interact with outsiders, their appearance is the most 'Taianese', appearing to be androgynous and indistinguishable between genders.

OOC Notes

  • The Taianese word for their caste system is Jaati (जाति), which, atypically, comes from the Hindi language
  • Dragon forms are off-limits to prospective 2nd Class, while others such as Tigers run at a very high premium; forms that are discontinued, such as Rats and Pigs, are made into general-purpose gene-sets and come at a more affordable price. Regardless, they are all just different levels of very expensive.
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