Imperial Taianese Navy

The Imperial Military, known as the “Dìguó Jūnshì(帝国军事)”1) or just the “Jūnshì” to the Taianese, is the military of The Empire of Tai Pan. As it is charged with protecting the empire, its interests and its core citizens, the Jūnshì is entirely composed of 1st Class Citizens, ensuring its efficiency in combat and complete loyalty to the Taianese themselves. Complemented with some of the most high-end equipment available, the Taianese are feared for their ruthlessness and capabilities, which includes the ability to teleport shock-troopers into key locations. Though 2nd and 3rd Class Citizens are allowed to join the “Fǔzhù Jūnshì(辅助军事)”, the Auxiliary Military, they are nowhere near as well equipped, and are primarily charged with protecting their own.

Both however, use the same rank system.

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Literally translated as 'Empire Military' but is more accurately referred to as the 'Imperial Military'
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