Embers and Magic Users of Tai Pan

While a minority population in Tai Pan, Embers and other users of magic are often sought after by the various government agencies of the Empire due to their unique and powerful abilities that are difficult to replicate. While different programs exist for each demographic of Magic Users, with Embers consisting of their own demographic, each program exists to integrate and exploit the abilities and powers of such minority groups. As magic cannot be manufactured by the technology Tai Pan has, it seeks to use alterations of its existing psychological hooks to pull in such targeted individuals and retain their presence. While this approach acts as the short-term goal of such programs, it ultimately seeks to pacify a notable population so that it may deeper integrate such abilities and resources into its Empire.

Chthonic Research

Chthonic Research is the department of Tai Pan that handles the development of Ember and magic-oriented programs and the study of their abilities. Chthonic Research is where Tai Pan researches and puts into use how and where such powers can be used and manipulated for maximum effect, as well as how efficient they can make such systems. Chthonic Research labs often aren't public knowledge, and the locations of where Embers and other magic-users are kept are typically marked under separate names, such as academies or in unremarkable dormitories and apartment complexes. While Tai Pan has developed terminology and research programs for many widely known systems and approaches for unknown and unpredictable ones, it uniformly refers to them as simply 'gifted' when it has to refer to the population of Embers and magic-users at large.

While Chthonic Research has an end goal of the systemic use of such powers, they try to handle each individual as such, an individual case that has to be guided in slightly different ways. Historically Tai Pan has tried a more standardized approach but found it allowed too many individuals to fall below expected norms, and in cases of excessive use and stress, has resulted in the death of many individuals that were swept under the rug. Much like the standard design of Tai Pan society, the Chthonic Research labs try to balance the absolute needs of the gifted with the end goals of systemic use and adaptation of such powers into Taianese design.

Dormitories and Apartment Complexes housing Gifted individuals that are known by the state are largely designed to be the same as the middle to higher castes, with the rarity of the Gifted resulting in better treatment overall. Those who are actively being studied by the Research labs or are considered to be in training for their powers are kept a specific number of dorms and apartments, those that are often connected to the larger medical laboratories with on-site medical staff specifically trained to handle the Gifted. These dormitories are often known for having thicker, blast-proof walls with added sound-proofing from the outside world, paired with a higher visual aesthetic on the inside. The Chthonic Research labs clearly do not take the mental health of their subjects lightly, with great attempts set forth to create a positive aesthetic environment, despite the intent behind many of the courses and studies.

Integration Into Tai Pan

Embers and Magic-Users who are considered as fully integrated and trained are given far more leniency within the Empire, and often hold higher positions of caste and authority due to their unique powers. Those that are willing to put up with the often blatant use and manipulation of their powers are granted high rewards due to the scarcity of such powers and abilities. However, such a highly sought after and promised fate is unusually rare for such populations and isn't often obtainable to the standard person who comes to Tai Pan in hopes of mastering their abilities.

More often than not, such individuals are placed in more permanent extensions of the programs that trained them, and while they are eventually given more leniency, such graces are more often than not based on how much value can be gotten from their use in whatever fields or jobs their powers and being used for, with the value of such powers being placed over the needs of the individual.

Those who are more vulnerable, with powers they have less control over face worse fates. While official death records of such individuals rarely exist, Tai Pan does not squander such resources even if they are difficult to pry value from. Such individuals often vanish into various systems and projects and are not seen again, with many conspiracies lurking in underground circles of Embers who have vanished in mountains of relocation paperwork and marked under distant, non-existent projects and therapy treatments.

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