Taianese Culture

The culture of The Empire of Tai Pan has had a long time gestating aboard a colony ship on its long long journey into the sector, and has diverged considerably in some regards from the human culture that it split away from.

Tai Pan food culture is often based around simple ingredients with complicated spices recipes, they love spicy foods and have even adapted certain foods to increase their heat potential.

Taianese diets often consist of synthetically grown meats and plants, typically paired with the harvested meat of bioengineered crab and crickets. Importance is placed more upon flavor than the source of such foods, as their synthetic nature is accepted and rarely considered abnormal. Seafood includes shrimps and other small animals. Red meats such as beef are viewed as more of a communal meal, for guests, or gatherings, however, pork is a favorite soup ingredient.

Taianese foods are often exotic forms of their earth originals, Rice Gourds for example grow the quintessential grain, but at dramatically reduced water and space requirements.

Taianese citizens often keep small collections of herb gardens, either in a communal growing area or at their window side.

Taianese clothing is based around sumptuary law, requiring that certain castes and labor functions must dress to denote their station. Dragons are required to wear formal, traditional dress befitting their leadership role. Being the face and mind of leadership, Dragons are required to present the nation well at all times. Scruffiness and untidiness is a grave dishonour, and soiling the clothes of a dragon is a grave insult in deed. Other castes are not as strictly maintained, often preferring efficient form fitting clothes tailored for them, often with integrated technology. Glowing panels on dark colors are common.

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