The Wangdaio colonies, or the Forgotten Colonies, were settled by Taianese citizens in 3008 GSC that took advantage of their distance from the core of the Empire of Tai Pan to declare independence. The colonies collapsed in 3010 GSC after they became embroiled in a civil conflict between the Colonies' Shouwei forces and the Heise insurgent forces that began with the disappearance of their colony Prime Minister, Ayana Morita, and ended as they were devastated by an invasion of an unknown xeno species. Survivors were eventually evacuated 5 years later and integrated back into Empire of Tai Pan or migrated to The Interstellar Alliance.

The Colonies consisted of the following systems:

The Colonies' self-defense forces were the Wangdaio Shǒuwèi Forces (WSF). The distance between the Wangdaio Colonies and the core systems made them particularly vulnerable to piracy. They created a Piracy Taskforce to deal with the problem but were chronically undermanned and under-equipped and were overwhelmed when the Heise forced a civil war.

The Prime Minister, Ayana Morita, disappeared the night before the Main colony systems (Alarie, Leloup, Nepe, Romana, Saint-Yves, and Topia) were jammed by an insurgent group calling themselves simply, the Hēisè.

The Colonists were left to fend for themselves for about 5 years before someone managed to escape to ask the Interstellar Alliance and Tai Pan for assistance. Then only the Topia system was evacuated. Systems like E-11 were considered a loss with no communications or emissions coming out.

Characters that survived the Wars and the blackout are most likely haunted by the horrors they experienced. They could be more sympathetic to the Interstellar Alliance or perhaps, they felt that the Colonies should have never struck out on their own. Or maybe they still firmly believe that Ayana is alive and she will reunite the Colonies back to their rightful glory. They could be Shouwei trying to start over in Kowloon or the Alliance or Tai Pan or they could be disillusioned Heise that felt that perhaps the new Wangdaoi government abandoned them.

Perhaps the character was a farmer or prospector that just got caught in the conflict and shuffled around. There are a lot of concepts for people to explore, feel free to create your own. If you want more help, please ask Kim.

Important People at a Glance
Prime Minister Ayana Morita
Prime Minister Morita - Elected Leader of the Colonies
Art by Zairyo
  • Ayana Morita - Elven Prime Minister
  • Yue Ziyi - Destroyer Caste Crown Prince of the Wangdaio Colonies, Ayana's lover
  • Rosalee Katsura - Human Personal Assistant of Prime Minister Morita
  • Admiral Ember Connelly - Famous Shouwei Admiral that led the primary rescue operations after the fall.
  • Edmund Morita - Ayana and Yue's only son. First known Elf-Taianese baby.
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