어둠 Eodum
Edmund Art by Yuichi Tyan
Established 3007 GSC
Leader Yue Ziyi
Also known as Heise

The 어둠 Eodum (AU-TOMB) were the Intelligence Branch of the Wangdaio Shouwei Forces and Prince Yue Ziyi’s personal guard but were commonly referred to as the “Heise” for the black high collared jackets they wore. Their personnel were hand selected by Yue Ziyi based on a unknown series of requirements. It was rumored that Yue was a womanizer and for this reason,he only selected the most exotic and beautiful women. But it was after some discussion with Prime Minister Morita (his most notable lover) that men saw recruitment into the Eodum.

Many Eodum worked alongside regular Shouwei Forces without identifying themselves which made the insurgency and the execution of the blackout highly effective. The Shouwei did not know who among them was Eodum and the ones they knew of rallied the clandestine ones to gain control of Shouwei vessels and forces.

The Heise led the Shouwei research initiatives to create new technologies for the Wangdaio Colonies to wean them from foreign technologies by providing domestically produced weapons and ships. It was rumored that they were also involved in biological weapons development.

During the overt fighting in the 3010 GSC Blackout, the Heise distinguished themselves from the regular Shouwei Forces by wearing all black versions of the standard Shouwei uniform or using pitch black Tianshi Hardsuit when they did not engage their stealth units.

Heise were assigned overtly or covertly. The overt personnel were known to the Shouwei and the general public as Heise. The covert personnel were in deep cover and their allegiance to the organization was unknown.


  • Operative - unknown number per Shouwei Vessel
  • Operative - unknown number of personnel assigned to infiltrate and spy on other nations and organizations
  • Researcher - Unknown number of personnel assigned to various clandestine bases


  • Bodyguard to Ayana - mix of men and women, 3-19 person security teams though no men were allowed to be alone with her. This was considered the best and most rewarding assignment. The Prime Minister treated her staff like family.
  • Bodyguard to Yue - mostly women 2- 19 person security teams. It was an honor to be selected to protect Yue, though he held a fierce Caste mindset and treated his personnel as servants or sometimes objects, as he was entitled as the Crown Prince. It was a demanding posting as Yue was not as widely liked as Ayana.
  • Intelligence Officer - 1 per Shouwei Vessel
  • Intelligence Technician - 3 per Shouwei Vessel
  • Researcher - Unknown number of personnel assigned to various bases

Following the blackout, association with the Heise is considered to be a very negative thing. Many survivors of the fall of the Colonies consider the Heise to be traitors but the motivations for the Heise varied widely as they were regular people under the uniform. A unifying personality trait for the Eodum were their sense of devote nationalism, though many favored more jingoist tendencies the closer they were to Yue’s personal confidence.

Unified in purpose but not in knowledge.

None of the Heise knew what the others were doing. They were given instructions unique to them and the overt operatives did not know who the covert operatives were. Covert Eodum usually operated solo or exclusively with their local teams. They rarely performed larger operations or knew what the other teams were doing. The blackout is suspected to have been executed without the direct coordination or planning between the various Heise agents in the fleets.

Eodum received augmented reality assisted combat training in addition to their normal Shouwei training. Much of their non-combat training was focused on etiquette, acting and becoming unseen without the use of stealth equipment.

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