The Wangdaio Colonies Shouwei Forces were established as a self-defense force when Taianese colonists were sent to systems on the southern edge of the known star map to accomplish several things: to establish new agricultural areas; locate new mineral resources; and get 2nd and 3rd Class citizens (namely tatya hini) away from the core of Empire of Tai Pan.

Shouwei Forces Flag

When the Colonies declared independence in 3008 GSC, they restructured their forces slightly from a guardian role to a standing military force. The Shouwei Forces were stretched thin in their manning and resources to protect their large borders. They increased ship and weapon construction under guidance from Prince Yue Ziyi to help combat the growing piracy problem. The notorious black out in 3010 GSC cast the Shouwei into chaos as their lines of communication were cut. The Prince's private security force and intelligence organization, the Heise, launched an insurgency for control of the colonies and Xenos cut through the thin line of disorganized Shouwei to ravage and pillage unprotected colonists.

Some Shouwei managed to regroup and consolidate their forces to rescue those stranded by the black out by 3015 GSC, Admiral Ember Connelly pulled enough ships together to get a runner through the Heise and Xeno battlelines to get assistance from The Interstellar Alliance and begrudgingly, Empire of Tai Pan to evacuate survivors from Topia and Gavreau.

When the Empire of Tai Pan allowed Bhelith Arleigh to establish Solarity of Kowloon in 3016 GSC, they gifted her the surviving ships from the Wangdaio Shouwei Forces to form the basis of her self-defense fleet with the 1st Fleet and 2nd Fleet ships forming a large portion of the fleet. All ships that survived the fall were in dire need for maintenance and vessels that were heavily damaged were cannibalized to repair other ships due to the loss of the Shouwei shipyards.

Lieutenant Lukina Aleksasha Bloodtree
Art by Nicoy

By the beginning of 3017 GSC, the Wangdaio Colonies and the Shouwei were declared a failed state and defunct. The information below is for reference.

  • Trucks
  • APC, etc
  • Gun
  • Stun baton
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flashlight
  • Combat Knife
  • Field rations (mostly issues to Ground Forces)
  • Hygiene kit
  • Compass (Ground Forces or Tianshi operators only)
  • Waterproof Map (Ground Forces or Tianshi operators only)
  • Tianshi Bodysuit - typically worn under the standard uniform
  • PT Gear - Shorts, T-shirt, sweats

Their vessels were shaped like fish.

  • Battlecruiser (catfish/shark)
  • Hyuk Class - Cargo (sunfish)
  • Ravi Class - Transport (dolphin fish)
  • Jungkook Class- Warship (Lionfish)
  • Suga Class - Warship (Lionfish)
  • Jimin Class- Escort
  • Shuttle (ramora)

The Shouwei Forces had 333 ships spread across ten systems. Each system was assigned 30 ships for planetary defense fleets while 30 ships made up the Logistics Fleet with 1 training ship and 2 hospital ships.

Fleet System Admiral Flag Ship Emblem
1st Fleet Kowloon System Damian Castillo WCS Lyanna Crowned Stag
2nd Fleet kotoku Tammy Grue WCS Amalthea Unicorn
3rd Fleet Topia Samuel Andreas WCS Tenpenny Panther in an annulet
4th Fleet Nepe Ember Connelly WCS La Lueur Lion with fleur de lis
5th Fleet Romana Honey Dallas WCS Radiant Serpent Winged Serpent
6th Fleet Saint-Yves Marianne Chaucer WCS Tabard A marlet holding a white Lily
7th Fleet Leloup Jeanne Chastel WCS Silver Bullet Wolf holding an arrow
8th Fleet Alarie Teresa St. John WCS Claire White Rose
9th Fleet Logistics Station 13 Alexander Bashir WCS Emissary Octopus
10th Fleet Ehrenzeller Dante Paradis WCS Beatrice Nessie
11th Fleet Gavreau Aife Morrigan WCS Skye Eagle

Planetary Forces

Small amount of ground forces to protect the colonies. Mostly deputized colonists to help maintain order.

All Shouwei that survived the ordeals of the black out either got out of the military entirely to cope with the physical and psychological trauma of the ordeal; joined mercenary groups; regrouped to Kowloon System, kotoku, and Rarjuni System to wait for the return of Ayana Morita; became pirates; went in search for Ayana or Yue Ziyi; or joined The Interstellar Alliance or Empire of Tai Pan.

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