Atraxian Clans

The Brain Bashas Clan is unique among Atraxians Clans in that it is entirely comprised of green-skinned Atraxians. Unlike other Atraxians, they are asexual and they reproduce by spreading spores. It is unclear exactly how this Clan came into existence but it is theorized that they were been genetically engineered by an unknown species. As Atraxians have no written history, and are constantly destroying any evidence of their past through scavenging for weapons, it’s impossible to know for sure.

Specializing in mechanized warfare, the Brain Bashas rely primarily on overwhelming firepower. They have an innate knack for repairing and salvaging vehicles, though they can’t build vehicles from scratch. They have a philosophy of “bigger is better” and “quantity over quality”, so it’s fairly common to see them driving ridiculous vehicles like fortresses covered in enormous gun turrets, with massive wheels or mecha with unwieldy amounts of firepower.

Considered untrustworthy by their fellow Atraxians due to their peculiar ways, these Atraxian bloodlines put a greater emphasis on “cunning and tactics” than on the typical brute force approach favored by other clans. Toof Eatters often trade instead of steal, parley instead of bellow, sneak instead of charging headlong into the withering fire of their enemies and even retreat instead of dying in a heap with nothing to show for their effort. Some have even taken to the stars as Freebooters, where they split their time between piracy, raiding, and honest trade. They are every bit as dangerous in battle as their less sophisticated cousins, perhaps even more so thanks to their high level of innate cunning, which allows them to think around problems.

In combat, they use battlefield tactics closer to those of a professional army as opposed to the more usual Atraxian tide of unrestrained and thoughtless violence, using moderately organized squads instead of the traditional mobs and employing basic tactics like enfilading fire, feints, staggering advances, and even the occasional clever ruse. The Warlord's who rises up from the lower ranks tend to have a greater grasp of big-picture strategy than those from other clans, and some of the most well-planned and well-executed infestations have had a Tooth Feast Clan member at their head.

The Tooth Feast“s Clan are roundly mocked by members of other clans that view them as cowardly wretches, especially the Black Brows. The Toof Eatters care little for this derision, however. Secure in the knowledge that they alone know how to make war on humans the proper way, and understandably smug in their clan's legacy of leadership and destruction, Tooth Feast Clan take these insults in stride, either having a good laugh and walking off or having a good laugh, knocking all of the offender's teeth out of his head, and walking off that much richer.

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