Arizona is a planet discovered in a system of the same name by the Alliance, somewhere in the space between their territory and the territory of the Ersetu. In the present day, it is one of the frontier planets of the Solarity of Kowloon, as-yet lightly inhabited.

Since most Alliance members came from Sol (Earth), at least a few centuries ago, they are just about as creative as you or I would be. So they named this planet Arizona and left it there. Considering one of the other humorous options would have been to name the planet “Toothpaste”, this planet actually got off rather lightly.

In general, Arizona is habitable, but like the American state that it draws its name from, it is mostly arid, reasonably craggy, the roads wind through some of the most dangerous country known to mankind where they are actually paved at all, and most people live in the long, low flatlands that get broken up every once in a while by all that damn inconvenient beautiful scenery.

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